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5 Most Popular Mid-size SUVS in Kenya

By Wang’ombe Kibunja

When it comes to buying a car there exists a variety to choose from, depending on your pocket and the purpose of the vehicle. There those who buy a car so as to get from point A to point B, some buy cars to get to point B fast, some want luxury while some to simply show their financial weight. The mid-sized SUVs available can fill in those spaces. Gone are the days where SUVs were a preserve for the high and mighty. The mid-sized SUV market has emerged as one of the major point of interest by Automakers. The manufactures have tapped into the market and one is spoilt for choice. In Kenya Motor vehicle dealers have made both basic and luxury mid-sized SUVs available for all who can afford. The market is flooding with both used and new cars in this category.

On Kenyan roads we have some common SUVs that you won’t spend a day before seeing one or two on the road. Here are five of the most common mid-size SUVs on our roads.

Nissan Xtrail

This is one of the most common mid-sized SUV in the market. It’s a spacious vehicle with a good safety rating. The vehicle fuel consumption is reasonable for daily commute and has enough power for the adventurous drivers . The price of one isn’t too bad either with a 2014 model going for around a 2.5M and you could easily get a 2003 model-T30-for below 400k. 

Toyota Prado

Owning a Toyota Prado would elevate you to the status of a Mheshimiwa. The vehicle shares a chassis, engine and transmission with the Toyota Hilux and Toyota Hiace (box) so there is no issue about availability of parts both new and used. The vehicle comes with a turbo charged 1KD engine and its power output is good. The price tag on the vehicle is not bad either a 2015 model goes for roughly 5.4m where as a 2005 model will set you back 0.5m

Toyota Harrier

A common car on our roads, beating  its luxury sister the Lexus RX. This model is mostly associated with and has come to be known as “Auntie wa Harrier”. The vehicle wasn’t one of the best looking SUVs in the market but the later models are just stunning to look at after the 2013 face lift. The vehicle has a price tag of 3.3M for a 2014 model with a 2002 model still fetching slightly above half a million. The vehicle does retain its resale value.

Kia Sorento

Unlike the other vehicles in the list, the Kia Sorento is the new kid in the block. The car is becoming more common on our roads and it’s a nice car to look at. There is plenty of head room and leg space in the Sorento. The vehicle comes either in all wheel drive or front wheel drive configuration. It’s the only car in this list that comes with the three row seat configuration allowing it to comfortably sit 7 passengers. A 2014 model will set you back round 2.6m  whereas a 2010 model will set you back 1.7M

Range Rover Sport

This is the flagship luxury SUV of Land Rover, this is a car that is synonymous with wealth. It boasts the highest forms of luxury. The vehicle was at one time used as Kenya’s State car, all the wealthy and big politicians wanted to be seen in one. The vehicle has a hefty price tag, a 2014 model goes for 10m whereas even a 2005 model will still fetch above 1M, a brand new one will set you back between 32M and 42M.

The Mid-sized SUV segment is full of cars that range from Basic to Luxury… the choice is will be determined by the depth of your pocket. Next