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8 Kenyan Celebrities who cheated on their wives

Relationships are bound to hit a rocky patch, celebrity status notwithstanding. It doesn’t help that relationships don’t come with a manual. A couple of celebrities in Kenya have cheated on their spouses/partners, something the public made a big deal out of.  While some moved on and are probably stronger than ever, others choose to go their separate ways.


Jalang’o is one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry having been introduced to the public years ago through the then must watch program Papa Shirandula.  Therefore, it is not a surprise that his cheating scandal was one of the trending topics early last year. Popular blogger Edgar Obare revealed he has a ‘boys club made of several friends who shared women. The scandal went on for a while but rather than bring his brand down, he continued to soar and is still together with his wife Amina.

Mr. Seed 

In 2019, gospel artist Mr. Seed admitted to having cheated on his beautiful wife Nimo. He said at the time they were having problems in their relationship and he found solace in another woman, something he deeply regretted. Nimo forgave him and the two moved on. On May 2020, he was accused of cheating again with the lady Sabrina alleging she was even pregnant for him and the artist had asked her to abort. 

Terrence Creative

Terrence and Milly Chebby are one of the cutest celebrities in Kenya and in 2019 it was confirmed that he cheated on Milly. This hurt her badly as the two used to work together and Milly had just given birth to their amazing daughter. Terrence apologized and Milly forgave him and they remain a strong unit to date. 

King Kaka

Popular artist King Kaka cheated on wife Nana Owiti with vocalist and singer Sage. This really hurt Nana who dumped the singer. It was especially painful to discover that Sage was pregnant with Kaka’s child while she too was pregnant with their first child. The couple got back together and even have more kids.

DJ Crème De La Crème 

As one of the biggest deejays in the country, it is no surprise that his cheating scandal was big. What made it worse was that there were videos of him and the other woman. This nearly broke his relationship with a lot of people also throwing shade at him. His partner Denise King forgave him and they moved on.


The popular Agikuyu singer cheated on his wife with city lawyer Karen Nyamu. At first, he denied rumors that he and Karen were an item and had even denied being the father of her child. However, he later offered an apology to both the public and his wife and admitted to cheating with Karen and even took responsibility for their child. The singer is still with his wife.

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Less than a year after their colorful wedding, Salim and Susumila parted ways. In several interviews, Kibibi accused Susumila if cheating on her, something that forced her to move out of their matrimonial home.


Popular blogger Edgar Obare released a chat he had with a woman who was accusing DJ Mo of having cheated on Size 8 with her. When the blogger reached out to him for a comment he made it clear it was not anyone’s business. Despite the allegations, the couple are still together.