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Kigen Moi is the company director of Sosian Energy  Gideon Moi's first born is an alumnus of Bristol University in England  Over the weekend,...

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HomenewsAisha Jumwa Plans to Increase Public Servants Salaries Within 100 Days

Aisha Jumwa Plans to Increase Public Servants Salaries Within 100 Days

Public Service and Gender Cabinet Secretary Aisha Jumwa has announced plans to review salaries of public servants in the next 100 days.

Speaking on Monday, October 31 after visiting Nairobi Huduma Center, the CS said the ministry is working on increasing public servants’ salaries.

Jumwa mentioned that the review is among a number of planned reforms that the government will consider in a bid to improve service delivery.

“The public service is demoralized in matters salary and other benefits and I think in my 100 days in office I will initiate the plan to increase salaries of the public servants,” said Jumwa.

The CS also disclosed plans to introduce more Huduma Centers and review working hours of the existing 52 centers.

“Extended working hours in a number of Huduma Centres, 18 nationally including the one in G.P.O will offer highly sought services from 7AM to 7PM

“Our plan is that every sub-county will have a Huduma Centre but because of the current economic times we are planning to have at least 100 in the next 5 years,” Jumwa added.

Elsewhere, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji explained that former DCI boss George Kinoti failed to avail evidence against Jumwa this his decision to drop her case.

Haji insisted that the evidence was not forthcoming.

“In 2018, the case was remedied by the DCI himself and when we asked for evidence which he promised to avail, was never fourth coming,” Haji said during an interview with KTN News.

He said at the end of the day, his office had to make a decision because according to him, there was definitely something wrong with the manner in which the investigations were done.

“The DCI had an option of changing the investigation officers which he did at that time and we understood that the evidence was availed. But coming to 2021 we saw there was nothing,” Haji added.