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Kigen Moi is the company director of Sosian Energy  Gideon Moi's first born is an alumnus of Bristol University in England  Over the weekend,...

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HomenewsAlarm As Transformer Shortage Hits Kenya Power

Alarm As Transformer Shortage Hits Kenya Power

Kenyans are looking at living with a prolonged power blackout amid reports that Kenya Power has been hit by a shortage of transformers.

Various media reports have indicated that the firm is facing transformer supply delays due to procurement issues.

This means faulty transformers will be out of service for an extended time, a move that will result to power disruptions.

To avoid a crisis, the company is now looking to purchase 2,144 transformers.

In March, Kenya Power had announced a multi billion shilling tender for transformer supply but it was cancelled by the Public Procurement Administrative Review Board (PPRB) in response to a petition filed by some local companies.

The companies argued that the tender requirements were unfair and meant to shut out local manufacturers from the KSh 1.5 billion deal in favour of foreign firms.

The tenders demanded firms with 10 years manufacturing experience, but local firms say they are in breach because they were set up in 2015.

“The procurement proceedings are hereby suspended and no contract shall be signed between the procuring entity and the tenderer awarded the contract unless the appeal has been finalised,” the board said in a short ruling.

The delay in the procurement process left the company to rely on ageing transformers, which have become prone to malfunction, leading to power outages.