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Alex Mathenge Biography, Education, Career, Wife, Children And YouTube Earnings

Traditional media in Kenya is taking a thorough beating from social media platforms, YouTube and bloggers who are becoming a source of news and entertainment.

Talking of entertainment; our subject of this piece is among the comedians who have been creating well thought out viral clips that they share on social media and other outlets.

Alex Mathenge, real name Alex Macharia Wanjugu, has worked as a radio comedian, voice talent and is still an MC/creative writer, digital influencer but is best known as a YouTuber. Here is the profile of the funnyman. 

Here is his story as told by WoK.


Alex was a student at Kerugoya Boys High School in Kirinyaga county. After his O-levels, he joined Kenyatta University and went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Education (Arts) majoring in English & Literature in 2009. 


His seven page portfolio is impressive. This was a man destined for the big stage and he knew it quite early. Like most actors, he started building his career blocks while he was young and by the time he was in high school he knew he wanted to be a comedian.

He successfully auditioned for the famed Kenyatta University Travelling Theatre soon after he had been admitted at the institution in 2005.

He was cast as a dancer. Focused on his trade, the comedian went on to become the Executive Director of the theatre group that has churned out such greats as Kajairo, Caroline Nderitu, Mdomo baggy, Reddykyulass and the list goes on and on. 

His obvious talent saw him work with Bornfree Foundation, Redykyulass Limited and Scan Ad. Mathenge also made appearances in movies that include Mizoga, Comrade Taka, Merchant of Venice and BBC’s Comic Relief. All these achievements while he was still a student at KU. 

The name Mathenge-meaning a bunch of billy goats in Kikuyu-was coined while he worked as a volunteer in KU radio station in 2008 as a morning show host. He popularised the radio station with his funny anecdotes that garnered him a sizeable following.

The comedian played the character of a money crazed Kikuyu man. Mathenge other responsibilities at the station included creating commercials and was in charge of the studios on Saturday. 

After graduation in 2009, Mathenge worked with XYZ show that was aired on NTV as a writer and a voice talent. At XYZ, he was the voice of Moi and Kiraithe. He later on joined the now defunct Nation owned Q-Fm breakfast show where they had been allocated a segment for SERYKALY.

They played two crooked police officers with his partner Eric Kilingo on SERYKALY. The formidable duo also hosted Klabu Raha show on the same station every Saturday from 9-12PM. 

In 2014, Mathenge called it quits at Qfm to pursue other interests. 

According to his profile, Alex has been an MC in over 100 social and corporate events since 2009 when he went professional. 

Makarao TV 

Is a popular webisode that tells the story of two police officers with a humorous touch. The animation idea came from Alex Kirui and has gained traction over the years. Mathenge says producing animation is tedious and once it is out the storyline may as well be stale. 

Makarao has 48k subscribers and counting. Total watchtime is 4,313,881 views. 

Alex Mathenge YouTube Channel

The award winning content creator has 194k subscribers on YouTube and a total watchtime of 11,334,107 views. 

Alex Mathenge was among ten creators who were awarded with the Silver Button in 2019 after surpassing the 100,000 subscribers mark. Others were MCA Tricky, King Kaka, Bahati, Ajaabu TV, Sharon Waniz, Timeless Noel, Wabosha Maxine and Willy Paul.

Based on estimates on YouTubers.me


month estimated earnings
April 2020 $ 293
March 2020 $ 277
February 2020 $ 327
January 2020 $ 917
December 2019 $ -9.58K
November 2019 $ 1.03K
October 2019 $ 1.05K
September 2019 $ 843
August 2019 $ 2.17K
July 2019 $ 1.76K
June 2019 $ 797
May 2019 $ 367
April 2019 $ 460
March 2019 $ 453
February 2019 $ 975
January 2019 $ 8.53K
December 2018 $ 36
November 2018 $ -77
October 2018 $ -9.7K
September 2018 $ 1.01K
August 2018 $ 3.43K
July 2018 $ 2.12K
June 2018 $ 312
May 2018 $ 138
April 2018 $ 108
March 2018 $ 1.95K
February 2018 $ -5.7K
January 2018 $ 1.09K
December 2017 $ -224
November 2017 $ 660
October 2017 $ 258
August 2017 $ 84
May 2017 $ 212
March 2017 $ 120
February 2017 $ 57



Alex Mathenge Biography, Education, Career, Wife, Children And YouTube Earnings
Alex Mathenge And His Beautiful Wife Rosemary Nyambura

Your favourite Youtuber is a loving husband to Rosemary Nyambura, a media consultant. The couple are blessed with two beautiful children-ShawnLeon Mutugi and Shay Wamuyu.

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