All Alcoholic Drinks To Be Sold In 750 ml Bottles In Proposed Bill 

All Alcoholic Drinks To Be Sold In 750 ml Bottles In New Bill 
Alcoholic Drinks Will Be In 750 ml Bottles And Above In Proposed Bill Image/Courtesy

By Clive Banda

Alcoholic drinks will be sold in 750 millilitres bottles and above from the current 250 millilitres bottles if a proposed Bill sails through Parliament. This will see a marked increase in the prices of beer and spirits in a bid to curb the drinking menace among the youth. 

The Bill that has been sponsored by Wundanyi Member of Parliament Danson Mwakuwona intends to amend the Alcoholic Drinks Control Act in order to tame:

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“the menace of excessive drinking occasioned by the sale of very low quantities of alcoholic drinks, making it accessible to the youth,” 

Those flouting the packaging rule will be slapped with a fine of kes50,000, a jail term of six or both-states the Bill. 

EABL has faulted the Bill saying it will make alcohol inaccessible to low income earners. 

EABL spokesperson told the Business Daily of the proposed Law:

“Our volumes will drop because even now we have the 750 ml brands but the sales are low. Beer and the spirits will be inaccessible to low-income Kenyans. Even now, most people will buy the quarter (250 ml) and share so who will afford the 750 ml?”


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