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HomenewsAlma Mutheu Reveals The Millions She Makes On TikTok

Alma Mutheu Reveals The Millions She Makes On TikTok

Content creator, actress and brand influencer Alma Muthei has disclosed how much she has made through social media platform, TikTok.

The beautiful lass boasts over 500,000 followers and over 15.3 million likes on the social app; with her most watched video surpassing 380,000 views.

In an interview with Oga Obinna, Alma disclosed that she has made over KSh 2 million since she started doing TikTok videos.

She attributed her achievements to her followers saying;

“It makes me feel special because all these are people that love me – I feel special and happy at the same time and inspired because I have to do all these things for those people.”

Alma also explained how she got herself into TikTok and the video that made her popular.

“I didn’t even know what TikTok was. That was in 2019. At the time it was called Musically. I don’t even know sometimes I say its God. Like when I was just starting I was seeing what people were doing then I decided I will also try to do my thing

“I like acting, so I started doing acting content and pole pole tu lip-synch videos, and it was one video that blew up. It was a lip-synching video of Khaligraph Jones’ song ‘yes bana,” she said.

 As earlier reported on WoK, a report released by Forbes in 2020 revealed that TikTok stars earned millions of dollars from making short videos on the app.

In recent years we have witnessed young Kenyans who have become big brands courtesy of the app owned by Chinese company ByteDance.

Among the highest TikTokers are David Moya, Azziad Nasenya, Vick Brandon,  Mbilimbili and Gideon Musau.

Others are Flirty Carlos, Ajob Gathoni, Alma Mutheu and Appetizer.