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Amira Roho Safi Biography, Career and Family 

Amira was just going about her day to day life as mother and entrepreneur when suddenly she was dragged into the limelight. Most people in the country did not know her but now almost every social media user has an idea of who she is. She was propelled into the limelight when her husband, Jamal Roho Safi, started a relationship with popular socialite Faith Makau, known to many as Amber Ray. 

Within no time, social media was abuzz with so much talk about her and her co-wife. The two began throwing words at each other with Amira giving the popular quote Maembe ni ya Misimu, meaning mangoes are just seasonal. She gave this quote with regards to Amber Ray whom she said was just in her husband’s life for a season. The animosity between the two women has escalated immensely and recently Amber Ray shared a video of a quarrel between the two. The duo quarrelled with Amber saying really nasty stuff about her and even throwing shade at her body. Amira, however, could just be heard saying that she actually blames their husband and not Amber Ray.

So who is Amira?


Brought up in Kajiado, Amira has tried her hands at a number of hustles. Before leaving Kenya for Dubai, she worked as a businesslady sourcing out wares in the famous Gikomba market and selling them at a profit. She then got a chance to go to Dubai to train as a makeup artist. After her training, she was employed in the country for a period of five years. According to her, during that time, she would often come back to Kenya to be with her children. 

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Many have also dubbed her the ambassador of positivity since she is always dishing out positive energy to her fans. She also has a makeup page known as Beat by Amira where she shares make up tips. 

Amira Roho Safi Biography, Career and Family
The family was intact until Amber Ray Came into the picture Image/Courtesy


Amira is a mother to two wonderful sons whom she had with Jamal Roho Safi. 

How She met Jamal

The two met way back in high school and have been together since then. She has been there for her husband through thick and thin and has watched him grow into the rich man he is today. In fact, in an earlier interview with Jalang’o, Jamal revealed his wife would wash for him even the few boxers he had. 

Amira Roho Safi Biography, Career and Family
Amber Ray Showing Acres Of Flesh Something Frowned Upon By The Muslim Community Image/Courtesy

However, things took a turn for the worst, when Jamal married another woman. The Islam religion allows this so it was within his rights. Amira had no problem with this, however, what hurt and saddened her deeply was that she found out about the marriage through social media. This broke her heart and started an online war of words between the two wives with each of their followers taking sides. This escalated to a terrible fight outside their homes as the two live in the same neighbourhood in Syokimau, albeit in different houses. 

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As the first wife of Jamal, she had maintained she was not going anywhere and revealed she had left him to God.