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Amount Of Money Crazy Kennar Charges To Appear On Billboards, TV Commercial And Social Media Platforms 

He was arguably the best talent of 2023 thanks to his originality and creativity. Crazy Kennar, real name Kennedy Odhiambo, recalled in a past interview how he disparately chased lopsided deals of Ksh60,000 per month to no avail. 

This has since changed after his name became a household name in Kenya. The funnyman now charges top dollar to brands that are interested to be integrated in his vines. 

So how much does Crazy Kennar charge for his services? Here is the amount based on a leaked rate card, 

Instagram (Exchange rate as of 2nd January 2024 Ksh157.2

Organic video-$4,000 (Ksh628,800)

Static Post-$2,000 (Ksh314,400)

Instagram story-$300 (47,160)


Organic Video-$5,500 (Ksh864,600)

Static post-$1,500 (Ksh235,800)


Organic video-$3,500 (Ksh550,200)


Organic Video-$2,000 (Ksh314,400)

Brand Endorsement

$30,000 (Ksh4,716,000)


Commercials $25,000 (Ksh3,930,000)


$25,000 (Ksh3,930,000) annually

Furthermore, his dominance in Kenya’s advertising skyline through billboards and digital prints demands a yearly contribution of USD 25,000 (KSh 3,925,250) each.

The comedian fell out with his crew in 2023 but that did not slow him down. He has worked with other content creators and new faces in his vines.

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