Amount Of Money Harmonize Has Made On YouTube With ‘Attitude’ Hit 

Amount Of Money Harmonize Has Made On YouTube With ‘Attitude’ Hit 
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Bongo artists are not slowing down when it comes to releasing hits after hits and in quick succession. It is now common for these vastly talented artists to garner a million plus views per day. The new hit ‘Attitude’ by Harmonize featuring Awilo Longomba garnered 933,000 views 20 hours after it was released. The number went down to 854,000-23 hours later under unclear circumstances. 

Ten days later, the video has garnered over 7 million views and is still trending in at number 2 in Kenya. So how much has the Konde Gang CEO made since uploading the ‘Attitude’ video?  

These figures represent African viewership where much of his fans are based. By the time of publishing this article the video has  made 6099.02 (KES792,314.60). 

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Diamond video made history when his hit video ‘Waah’ featuring the evergreen Congolese maestro Koffi Olomide amassed over a million views 8 hours after it was uploaded. The video hit a record high of 4.2 million views 24 hours later. It now stands at 62 million views, five months after its release. The revenue generated so far from this song is 51,397.69 (KES6,678,165).

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