Amount Of Money Robert Burale Charges For Image Consutancy Per Hour

Preacher Robert Burale PHOTO/Courtesy

Image consultancy is a systemic approach to develop an image for a client in terms of appearance, behavior, and communication among other important factors.

Politicians, sports personalities, celebrities and business executives are examples of people who seek image consultancy services.

In Kenya, motivational speaker and preacher Robert Burale and Derek Bbanga are among those making a killing from the lucrative business.

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Burale beleives that image consultancy is not really improving the outward appearance of a person but how they carry and present themselves out there.

On the other hand, Bbanga insists that image consultancy is not limited to any individual, he says;

“For a long time companies have concentrated on developing employee’s technical skills and would seldom address the soft skills which are also critical to an employee’s career advancement”, Burale was quoted by Venture Magazine.

“Nowadays, employers are willing to invest more on their employees because they have realized that they are their brand ambassadors especially where they deal directly with the clients,” he added.

As simple as it may seem, image consultancy comes at a price. As of 2018, Burale was charging between KSh 12,000 and KSh 120,000 for individuals and corporates consultancy respectively.

“On the lower scale, cost for individual consultancy starts from $100 per hour while corporate starts at $1000 an hour,” Burale said.

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