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Anthony Mutua: Electrician Behind Unique Shoe That Charges Mobile Phones As You Walk

Anthony Mutua is an electric and design expert who designed a unique shoe that can charge mobile phones.

He is also the founder of Hutua Technologies, Greatest Wearable Technology and the Anthony Mutua Foundation.

Mutua was brought up in an area that had no reliable electricity, a move that inspired him to impact the lives of people around him.

Here is his story as told by WoK.


Following the completion of his secondary school education, Mutua posed good grades and got a chance to join Mombasa Polytechnic University.

At the university, he pursued a course in Engineering, Applied Sciences and Business studies.

He also engaged in activities that he thought would help him actualize his dreams of helping people in his community.

In 2012, Mutua came up with his greatest innovation; a shoe that was designed to charge a phone, inspired by challenges people went through looking for a phone charging point.

The show is made with ultra-thin chips of crystals on the sole that has the ability to produce electricity energy under pressure.

While someone is walking or running, the chip taps energy and stores it for charging of small electronic devices such as mobile phones.

This way, people can charge their phones while walking via a cable connected directly to the sole of the shoe.

The chip can be moved from one shoe to another as it is dust and waterproof, and has a lifespan of 6 to 8 years.

“From our tests, walking a distance of 800 meters is enough to charge a phone fully. The users are also safe from accidental electric shocks, as the energy produced is very minimal,” Mutua explained.

The innovation was recognized among top 40 African startups during a show at the DEMO Africa 2013 event.

It was also recognized by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Other than founding Hutua Technologies and Greatest Wearable Technology, Mutua is also part of Twain Technologies.

He serves as the technical supervisor and advisor on matters at Twain Technologies.

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