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Anthony Omondi: Nakuru Boy Who Scored A- Now Working In A Garage To Raise University Fees

Anthony Omondi Wambui is among candidates who sat for their Kenya Certificate of Secondary School Education (KCSE) in 2022.

He is also among students who qualified for university admission placement after he managed to score A-(minus) in KCSE exams.

However, Anthony is currently working in a garage to make some money which he uses for daily expenses and saving for his university education.

Here is his story as told by WoK.


Anthony sat for his final secondary school exams at Langalanga Secondary School in Nakuru.

With a total of 385 candidates, he emerged the second best student in the school having scored an A- of 75 points.

Having been brought up in a humble background, Anthony started working as a mechanic in a garage in Nakuru town.

Anthony who wants to pursue aeronautical engineering said he is working a the garage to raise money for his university education.

“I worked hard to get an A- of 75 points. I will use every skill at my disposal to raise school fees and join the university,” he said.

He noted that his mother depends on menial jobs such as the Kazi Mtaani project which is not dependable.

He, however, vowed to do anything within his means to raise money to see him through university.

“I know my mother is struggling to meet the basic needs but I will not let my dreams of joining the university fade. I will do menial work to raise money and reduce the fees burden on her,” Anthony said.

Depending on the number of vehicles that he works on, Anthony can make up to Ksh 500 per day.

“I give my mother Ksh 400 to buy food and I save Ksh 100 daily for my university education. I will do everything to ensure I join the university,” he stated.

Anthony’s mother, Pauline Wambui, said his son opted to do menial jobs to raise school fees after seeing how much she struggles to provide basic needs such as food.

“I know my son is a hardworking boy who burnt the midnight oil to get a mean Grade of A- in the 2022 KCSE exams. I don’t want him to feel that I let him down by not paying his university fees,” Pauline said.