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Arap Uria: Comedian Wins Big As SuperSport Parners With Him For World Cup Campaign

SuperSport has partnered with comedian Meshack Biwott, alias Arap Uria as the FIFA World Cup continues to gain momentum.

The company has partnered with the comic alongside other social media personalities for an online campaign targeting World Cup fans.

Dubbed Sounds of the World Cup, the campaign allows SuperSport viewers to create and share content inline with the ongoing historic tournament in Qatar.

“Through an influencer driven digital content creation campaign, moments of iconic World Cup commentary will be made available to fans to create their own lip-syncing content on TikTok,” SuperSport said in a circular on Monday, November 21.

Uria who is known for his perfect mimicking of football commentator Peter Drury said he was looking forward to see how the campaign will turn out to be.

“The partnership with SuperSport continues to be a highlight in my career and an exciting opportunity to represent fans across the continent in a meaningful way

“As a content creator, Sounds of the World Cup has created a platform for us to reminisce and give Africans a reason to feel the World Cup fever,” the comic said.

In August, Uria landed a lucrative deal with FIFA for a World Cup commercial that was aired on SuperSport channels.

He broke the news on his social media accounts, thanking God for the opportunity. 

“Landed in Ghana for a FIFA World Cup project. Thanks be to God,” read his Facebook post.

SuperSport had invited Arap Uria for an interview alongside Drury in April this year but the latter failed to attend because he was held up in Qatar. 

However, Drury sent a short video commending the comedian for the job well done.

“Listen, I love what you do, I hope you are laughing with me and not at me. I must say I am certainly laughing with you. It is terrifically funny, it’s superb. Football should be taken too seriously, just seriously enough and with all the passion that you show for it

“I do love your work and I hope one day we might even get to meet each other face to face and you can teach me how to commentate. Thank you,” he stated.

Drury is one of the best football commentators in the world; his poetic commentary is appreciated by many football fans, particularly in Kenya.