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Bahati Bukuku Biography, Career, Death Rumors and Marriage

By Prudence Minayo

The name Bahati Bukuku is synonymous with enriching gospel music. The artist’s music is popular in her home country Tanzania and the neighbouring countries. She has remained relevant over the years and is seemingly not about to stop. Listening to her songs is like listening to a well explained story which has a beginning and an end. The songs explore several issues that are a reflection of what is happening in the society. 


The musician has been in the gospel industry for more than a decade and has released a number of hit singles and albums. Most songs tell the story on different things. Some of her hit singles include;

  • Dunia Haina Huruma (The world has no mercy). The song was a hit as it told the story of a married woman who suffers so much. First, discovering her husband has another wife and later has been hospitalised in critical condition and no one willing to help foot his bill. It was so touching that people thought it was the story of her marriage but she refuted those claims.

“ My now ex-husband did not do such a thing. Though there’s a part of the song which was drawn from real-life experience…I cannot lie about a man who was my husband,” she said partly.

  •  Maamuzi yako Your Decisions). The song is about decisions and how they affect the outcome of tomorrow. She tells the story of a woman who struggled so much to have kids and decided to visit a witch doctor who helped her conceive. Later, the child turns into a snake. 

The singer has released many other songs and a total of four albums, which are titled:

  • Dunia Haina Huruma (The World has no mercy)
  • Yashinde Mapito
  • Nani Aitikise Dunia (Who can shake the world)
  • Nimesamehewa Dhambi (I have been forgiven my sins)

Other songs from the album include

  • Lazima Usamehe (You must forgive)
  • Wewe ni Baba (You are the father)
  • Majaribu (Trials)
  • Heshima ya Dhahabu (Respect of Gold)
  • Songa Mbele (Move forward)
  • Abneli (Abnel)
  • Ahabu (Ahab) 
  • Magonjwa yote (All Diseases)

Death Rumors

In 2017, social media was abuzz with news of Bahati’s death.

In one post, there was a photo of Tanzanian president, John Pombe Magufuli, supposedly writing in a condolence book for Bukuku. The caption was that the president of Tanzania had arrived to pay his final respects to the singer.

It is not the first time a popular person has been declared dead yet they are alive and healthy. A true echo of her song, “Dunia Haina Huruma”

The standard quoted her saying:

“ It is only God who knows when I will die. Those people who are publishing the false reports believe that they would ruin my reputation and consequently reduce the number of people who appreciate my work. The devil’s plan won’t succeed.”


The gospel singer was married to Daniel Basila for 14 years but did not stay together. 

According to an article by Nairobi News on November 2018, a close relative of the husband is quoted saying:

“ Daniel and Bahati were in a relationship for a very short time despite being married for 14 years. They lived separately with hopes that one day they would get their house in order. But Daniel got tired of waiting and decided to engage someone else whom he is looking forward to marry.”

The source further revealed that Bahati was okay with the news.

“ I just received news that my husband wants to remarry and I don’t have a problem with that because he divorced me officially in the courts in July this year, hence I don’t see any problem with that.”