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Bellah: Emirates Airlines Staff Salaries, Allowances And Benefits

Emirates Airlines is one of the world’s leading airlines and employs thousands of cabin crew members from different parts of the world.

As a staff of the airlines, these individuals play a crucial role in ensuring that passengers have a safe and comfortable flight experience.

Along with these responsibilities, the salary of the Emirates Airlines staff has, for a long time, been a subject of interest for most people.

In this article, WoK looks at the Emirates Airlines staff salaries among other benefits.


While working at Emirates, it’s important to note that the staff earn a competitive tax-free salaries, they are not subjected to tax.

Also, the more an employee works for the company, they stand a chance of getting a salary increment, although it is not guaranteed.

The staff can make more money working under Emirates Airlines besides the basic salary that they signed for.

For instance, for the ground staff, they make extra money by working overtime whenever there’s an opening.

Mostly, ground staff work three day and they get two days off, when there’s an opening for overtime, the staff can apply and work for the two days.

On the other hand, for the cabin crew, they make extra money from flying allowances; here, every time the cabin crew are onboard a plane, the moment the plane takes off, they get compensated every hour.

For the cabin crew, those working in the customer service department earn between Ksh 103,158 and Ksh 134,106.

For the ground staff and cabin crew, they make between Ksh 120,000 all the way to Ksh 137,000 depending on the position.

Perks and allowances

According to East AfriKan Gal Mso on YouTube, Emirates Airlines provides accommodation for their staff, although it is optional.

For those who are not interested in the provided accommodation get transport and housing allowances.

Cabin crew staff who go with the provided accommodation have their own rooms although they share a common kitchen and living space.

For the ground crew, depending with the grade that an individual has, two people can share one big room or have an apartment all by yourself.

The company also provides transport for both cabin crew and ground crew, but it is also optional.

Those who opt to use their own forms of transport will be given transport allowances, and they are not allowed to use the company’s transport.

Those working for Emirates Airline also qualify for a 30-day annual leave per year.

The staff also have the option of splitting their annual leave; for example an employee can take a leave for a week, resume work and take another leave in future or according to their timings.

Other perks that Emirates Airline staff enjoy include a free airline ticket when traveling home or any other destination for the annual leave.

Beside the free ticket, the staff also qualify for discounted tickets that allow them to pay a specified amount instead of the full amount.

However, the disadvantage of using these tickets is, when the plane is full, the airline will prioritize commercial clients and only invite staff when there’s extra space.

This also depends with the seniority of the staff and other factors such as the time they checked-in for the flight.

The discounted ticket also applies to the staff’s family and friends, although when traveling they are treated as staff.

Emirates Airline staff also enjoy profit share scheme, this means depending on the profit that the company made in a specific time, they share it with the staff.

The staff can be paid up to Ksh 300,000 depending on the profits that the company made in the particular time.

The other benefit that a staff enjoys is end of service, which simply means the money that accounts for the time that you worked for the company.

The more you work the end of service accumulates, and the staff have an option of keeping track of it and tell how much they’ve made.

The money is given to the staff member once they retire or resign from their job.

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