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Best Bus Companies In Kenya Plying Major Routes, Contacts and Fares 

By Prudence Minayo

There are so many bus companies in Kenya. Some began decades ago and are still thriving despite the fact that others folded a long time ago and are almost a forgotten memory. Today, most bus companies offer competitive prices and coaches that come with comfortable seats, charging pots and Wi-Fi. While choosing the bus company to travel with, choose the one that is convenient and comfortable. A bus that will make you enjoy the ride so much that you won’t even know how time flew. 

This article has selected a list of 10 buses that are popular, wonderful and will let you enjoy the ride all through. 

Easy coach

Since its introduction to the Kenyan travel industry in 2003, Easy coach has grown to become a big brand in the country. The founder and managing director of Easy Coach is Azym Dossa. This is a major bus company with over 37 branches in towns across Kenya including Eldoret, Kisumu, Kisii and Migori. 

It has over 105 coach fleets and mostly operates in: North Rift, South Rift, Nyanza and Kampala, Uganda.


The contact depends on the cit. Major ones include:

Kisumu: 057 2023983 

Kitale: 0733 227 649

Nairobi: 0738 200 318

Eldoret: 0738  200 308

Transport is from Ksh1200 to about Ksh2000 depending on where you are going. The good thing about them is that prices are usually fixed, they do not change according to seasons.

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Modern Coast Express Ltd

A luxurious bus whose major routes in Kenya include: Kitale, Eldoret, Kisii, Kisumu, Mumias, Webuye, BusiaNakuru, Machakos, Malindi,  Nairobi and Mombasa. It also offers travels to Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.

All their trucks are fitted with the latest tracking and fleet management software that gives their team direct control of the fleet and cargo from the central headquarters. It was founded by the late Mombasa tycoon Shahid Perves Butt who was shot dead on 11th July 2014. 

Main contact: 

254 709 897 000

Tahmeed Coach

This is a bus company with major operations in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The buses are fitted with air conditioning, high speed internet and power outlets. It was one of the first in Eastern Africa to offer a sleeping coach branded service. It is possible to cancel your ticket but keep in mind that this company does not offer cash refunds. 

The routes used by the bus are: Arusha, Dar-es-Salaam, Busia, Eldoret, Horohoro, Eldoret, Kampala, Kericho, Kitale, Kisumu, Kilifi, Kitui, Malaba, Machakos, Malindi, Mombasa, Moshi, Mtwapa, Mumias, Nairobi, Nakuru, Tanga, Taveta, Ubungo and Webuye. 


254 729 356 561

254 735 356 561

Guardian Coach Limited

The bus company is owned by the family of the late Ong’era Muturi. It is the closest competition Easy Coach has and travel routes include Nairobi and the Western part of Kenya. 

The prices are dependent on where you are going. Different regions have different prices. They range between 1,000 to Ksh2,000. Booking can be conveniently done by calling the booking office that us near you. Payment can also be easily made via Mpesa and you can also book online. 

The bus main route is from Nairobi to Western Kenya. The routes are: Nairobi, Busia, Oyugis, Kisumu, Kakamega, Siaya, Homabay, Malaba and Kisii. 

Contact: 0722 221 290

Transline Classic Ltd

It was established over ten years ago and currently operated about 50 buses. The latest of their buses come with A/C, Wi-Fi, television, adjustable coaches and charging pots in every seat. 

They dominate the Nairobi Kisii route but can also be found in other routes, like, Eldoret, Kisumu, Kakamega, Busia, Migori, Kitale and Bungoma. 

Their least price is usually Ksh800 but is slightly higher due to the pandemic. They tend to hike prices during some periods of the year including Christmas period.

Contact: 0710 246 977

Dreamline Express

The company operates a fleet of buses that ply that ply a number of routes in Kenya and also travel to Uganda. You can either book physically or online and the bus comes with high speed internet, phone charging outlet and classy comfortable seats that enable passengers enjoy a comfortable ride. It also offers customers an online booking and ticketing system. 

Routes include: Nairobi to Mombasa, Malindi, Kigali or Rwanda and Mombasa to Nairobi, Kisumu and Kitui. 


Mombasa: 0721 500 020

Malindi: 0703 805 050

Simba Coach ltd

Simba Coach Ltd operate a number of buses that travel around East Africa. They call themselves the pride of Travellers and they indeed offer their customers the best experience and have even been said to be one of the best buses while traveling to Mombasa. They have comfy seats, air conditioning and charging ports to help customers charge their phones, tablets and laptops. 

Their main routes include:

-Mombasa to Nairobi, Malaba, Busia, Kitale or Homa Bay.

-Nairobi to Mombasa, Ukunda, Malindi and Mpeketoni.

Contact:0707 471 111

Crown Bus

Since opening its doors to passengers in 2006, crown bus distinguished themselves from the others. They have previously been rated the best in the bus category by the Association of Kenya Insurance. This was the first bus company in Kenya to provide bottled mineral water to its esteemed customers. 

Major routes are:

-Nairobi to Kakamega, Mumias, Bungoma, Kampala, Kisumu or Mombasa

-Mombasa to Nairobi, Eldoret, Malaba, Webuye or Bungoma.

Contact: 0722 719 944

Coast Bus

This bus which is operated by Coastline safaris has been in existence for more than fifty years. It is one of the few buses that have managed to continue running on the roads for years and even adapt to the changing technological times. Their buses have free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, washroom and snacks on board. They have exceptional customer care service and employ drivers that are experienced in driving around the Kenyan/East Africa terrain. 

The major routes are:

Mombasa to Kisumu, Kitui, Kakamega, Bungoma or Nairobi. 

Contact: 0722 206 448

Mash Bus

This is one of the best buses operating the Mombasa Nairobi route. The bus is divided into three seating arrangements: VIP, business class and economy class. The company utilizes its tracking system to ensure that drivers follow the set protocol. They operate in strict shifts so their drivers are not too tired. They also require the drivers to take alcohol tests before the commencing of the journey and they also take eye tests yearly.   

The major routes by the bus include:

-Nairobi to Mombasa, Kampala, Kigali or Malindi

-Mombasa to Nairobi, Kisumu, Mumias, Migori, Kitui 

Contact: 254 724 893 667

               254 795 719 094

Horizon Coach

This is yet another modern bus coach offering comfortable seats and air conditioned buses. The bus is pure luxury and booking can be done online or physically. The bus has a hostess on board. 

The major route is from Mombasa to Nairobi and vice verse.

Contact: 254 716 422 422 or 254 716 421 421

Randa Coach

Ran a coach operates day and night on a scheduled depart time. At the beginning of their operation, they used scania bus models which were fabricated locally from the master fabricator. Later, they added modern Chinese Yutong buses that operate alongside the scanias. The buses come with multiple TV screens, charging outlets, Wi-Fi and comfortable seats. They have an easy online booking system but you can also visit their physical location for booking. 

They operate the Mombasa-Nairobi route.

Contact: 254 722 417 311 or 254 790 485 128

Ena Coach

Ena coach us owned by Ena Investment Limited. They are a famous bus and shuttle company used by many across the country and their online booking process is seamless. 

They travel to a multitude if destination in Kenya including:



















Home Bay-0777565730






Kendu Bay-0777565736


Western Express Coach Limited

It was registered in November 2010 as a passenger and courier transportation business in Kenya. It started its operations in February 2011 with 2 passenger buses and has since added more of them. Their core values are comfort, reliability, punctuality, safety and security.

They only travel from Nairobi to the following parts in Western Kenya; Majengo, Mbale, Chavakali, Khayega, Kakamega, Shianda, Mumias Bungoma, Busia, Butere and Lwanda.

Contact:0719 444 265

Alma Air Bus

Their classic and modern style buses enable passengers to travel comfortably and enjoy the scenery. The buses offer: large plasma LCD television, free Wi-Fi services, 2 by 2 reclining seats, charging system on each seat, first aid services and reliable customer care services. 

They travel from Nairobi to Garissa passing through Thika town and Mwingi.

Garissa:254 700 030 770

Nairobi:254 791 088 729.

Imani coach

They have been in the game for ten years and provide transportation from Mombasa to other counties. The company owns a mix of fleet on the list with a well known bus run on a Nissan UD’s engine. They also have scania buses. Those in the bus get to enjoy; 2 by 2 reclining seats, Wi-Fi, LCD screens and charging sockets on each seat. Booking can be done at their offices or you can give them a call.

They offer travels from Mombasa to Embu, Meru and Nairobi.

Nairobi-0720 944 168

Mombasa-0727 033 838

Embu-0707 192 239

Meru-0729 855 012


The company owns a list of semi and luxury fleet with some of them offering passengers VIP services. They use scania buses which offer; 2 by 2 reclining seats for business class, 2 by 1 reclining seats for VIP class, large plasma LCD television, free Wi-Fi and charging system on each seat. 

They offer travels from Nairobi to Western Kenya and Kampala, Uganda. The Western towns they travel to include: Bungoma, Busia, Kitale and Malaba.

Phone: 254 719 308 288

Chania Bus Services

Founded in 2011, the company offers their customers the best passenger and parcel services. They have a modern fleet consisting of scania, Mercedes Benz and man buses. Those using their buses get to enjoy: 2 by 2 reclining seats, television, A/C, first aid services and enough overhead luggage carrier. Booking can be made by visiting their officers or making a call.

Their routes are from Nairobi to Mombasa, Thika and Nyeri. 

Contact: 254 707 717 185

Nyamira Express

It is a very popular bus company that travels from Nairobi to Kisii and Migori. 

The scania model has dominated its fleet for so long with most of their buses having a 2 by 3 seating arrangement. The company has added Isuzu buses to their fleet. 

Phone; 254 707 574 727

Spanish coach express

Spanish coach express has set a high standard for style, comfort, luxury and entertainment for bus companies in the Kenya long distance travel industry. They have a fleet of buses that have Air Condition, Wi-Fi, reclining seats, plasma screens refreshments, charging sockets and tablets on all seats for their new buses.

Currently, they only travel the Mombasa-Nairobi route. 

Mombasa: 254 727 844 129

Nairobi: 254 082 727 773

Moyale Liner

Founded in 2013, they bias themselves to deploy proficient ground support staff to assist in any issue. They are a luxury bus that offer very unique and special services to their customers. It comes spotlessly clean with entertainment, 2 by 2 adjacent reclining seats, enough legroom, comfortable seats, Wi-Fi, power outlets and refreshments.

It travels the Nairobi-Isiolo-Moyale route.

Phone: 254 721 438 454


The prices of bus companies vary. Different companies have different prices and while some are constant some tend to hike prices during certain periods. For example, they hike prices during holidays and school opening seasons. Before the pandemic some charged as low as Ksh800 to certain destinations but in the current Covid-19 times most charges begin at Ksh1200.

Some buses also offer different prices for the same destination depending on where you want to sit and your pocket. For example, those seated in the VIP section pay more than those in the economy class.

All in all, most bus companies have upped their game and are striving to provide quality services to their customers. Most would return any goods the customers left behind if contacted.


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