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Best Language Schools in Kenya 

By Prudence Minayo

Kenyans study foreign languages for the purposes of travel, to become interpreters or even tutors. Those intending to work in the hospitality industry, have a clear advantage if they can communicate in foreign languages. This article looks at the best language schools in Kenya. 

Alliance Française 

Alliance Française is an international organization aimed at promoting the French language and Francophone culture around the world. Alliance Française de Nairobi was founded in 1949 and currently has branches in different parts of the country. They offer courses that are both extensive and intensive across various levels of learning which allows students to access French education depending on their capability. 

The Goethe-Institut 

This is the best German Language school in Kenya. According to the institution website, it is the Federal Republic of Germany cultural institute with worldwide presence.The Goethe institut promotes the study of German abroad and encourages international cultural exchange.

The Language School in Kenya 

The Language School in Kenya offers language programs and other customized short language courses. Founded in 2010, the women-led institution provides quality language services in Kenya. They offer foreign language training, translation and interpretation services. They offer a variety of language courses in Spanish, Chinese, Swahili, English, Kikuyu, French, Arabic and Kenyan languages. 

Kenya Institute of Foreign Language and Professional Studies (KIFLAPS)

Founded in 2007, KIFLAPS offers practical and professional courses which are relevant in the 21st century. Their core values are: integrity, respect, innovation and open-mindedness. Their study modes include physical classes and virtual distance learning. They offer language courses in  French, English, Arabic, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese Language, Kenyan Sign Language, German, Italian and Russian. 

Bonjour Institute 

A premier institute that opened its doors in 2008 with the purpose of facilitating seamless communication between English and French speakers. Being the second official language of the UN and AU, learning French enables one to work in different parts of the continent or abroad. They also offer French-English translation services to clients. 

Confucius Institute 

The Institute was established in 2008 as a collaboration between Kenyatta University, Shandong Normal University, China and Confucius Institute headquarters in Hanban, China. The Institute is located at Kenyatta University and the University of Nairobi and offers Chinese language programs. Their aim is to promote and teach Chinese culture and language. 

ACK Language and Orientation School 

Located at the heart of Nairobi, they offer a wide range of language courses from beginner to advanced level. Languages offered include English, Swahili, French, German, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. They also offer vernacular language courses and sign language using international conventions. Their values are: Godliness, integrity, professionalism, partnership and innovation and creativity. 

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German Institute of Professional Studies 

Located in Nairobi’s Central Business District, the college is a training organization with quality benchmark status. They have tailor made courses that suit market needs and are dynamic in nature. It was established in 2005 as a linguistic college but currently offers other courses such as, ICT, Tourism and Hospitality. They also offer Chinese and English language courses.

The Language Center Ltd 

The language courses they teach include: English, Swahili, Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese. The language school opened its doors in 1981 with 15 students occupying 3 classrooms. At the time, the main courses offered were English and Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics, a speed reading program. It has now grown into one of the leading international language schools in the region with over 20 classrooms. 

Prestige Global Language Center

They offer TOEFL registration, tutoring and exams on a weekly basis. They offer courses in German, Spanish, English, French, Swahili and Japanese. 

Language Connections Center 

Language Connections Center is a world language school specialised purely in offering world’s spoken languages. They are located in Tom Mboya street, Nairobi and offer certificate and diploma programs. They offer certificates in a variety of local and international languages including Swahili, Maasai, Dholuo, Kikuyu, Luhya, Luganda, Lingala, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, German, French and English.