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Best Rhumba Joints In Nairobi

Congolese rhumba music is loved by people across Africa and beyond, but especially in East African countries which are close or share borders with DRC Congo where it originated.

Commonly known as Lingala in Kenya, some clubs and restaurants in Nairobi host rhumba shows at least once a week.

These songs are either played by a resident deejay of performed by a hired live music band.

In no particular order, below are best rhumba joints in Nairobi as compiled by WoK.

Dream Village

Dream Village is a club and restaurant located in South B serving drinks and assorted foods.

The entertainment joint hosts a rhumba show dubbed African Rhumba Flava on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

On Sundays, the club hosts a live performance featuring by Lesasa Jocker with Bilenge Musica Du Congo.

Summers Bar and Grill

Summers Bar and Grill is a nightclub and restaurant located in Kungu Karumba Road in Lang’ata serving assorted drinks and foods including some sumptuous ‘nyama choma’.

The nightclub hosts rhumba shows every Wednesdays and Saturdays where they feature live bands such as Baino Band and Qlassic Band.

Pots and Palms

Pots and Palms is a restaurant and bar located in Riverside Drive in Nairobi serving variety of food including African cuisines.

The restaurant is an excellent place to enjoy rhumba music as they host rhumba nights on Thursdays and Saturdays nights.

Dolce VIP Lounge

Dolce VIP Lounge is an entertainment joint situation along Nairobi’s Koinange Street serving assorted beers and liquor.

The nightclub which has been in existence for over 30 years hosts rhumba shows on most weekends. They have featured acts such as Lesasa Jocker.

K1 Klub House

K1 Klub House is an entertainment point situated along Ojijo Road in Parklands serving assorted foods, cocktails, beer and liquor.

The nightclub hosts a weekly live rhumba show every Sunday from 3pm – 7pm featuring the Untamed Band.

Alliance Française

The Alliance Française is a cultural relations organization offering French lessons and it is the only accredited institution in Kenya to offer international certifications.

The international institution hosts a live music show dubbed ShowCase Wednesdays once a month featuring rhumba among other genres.

Pitstop Grill and Bar

Pitstop Grill and Bar is a bar and restaurant located along Lang’ata Road offering assortment cuisines and drinks.

The club hosts a strictly-rhumba show dubbed, Rhumba Voyage every Sunday. The show features a deejay or a live band.

Egesa Villa

Egesa Villa is a bar situated in Umoja known for top live performances especially for Luo, Kisii and Rhumba bands.

The entertainment joint hosts rhumba shows on select days. Interested persons can check their social media platforms for their next gig.

Pots and Kettles

Pots and Kettles is a restaurant serving assorted foods and drinks located of Mbaazi Road in Valley Arcade, Nairobi.

The restaurant hosts a live rhumba show every Friday featuring bands such as Baino Band and TBM Band.

Airport Lounge

Airport Lounge is a sports bar and grill situated inside Wilson Airport serving food and assorted drinks.

The entertainment joint hosts a live rhumba show every Saturday between 2 pm and 9 pm featuring bands such as TBM Band.

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