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The Top Ten Richest Billionaires In Kiambu County

In the heart of Kenya lies Kiambu County, a region renowned for producing entrepreneurs of note. From humble starts to building multi-billion empires, these individuals have etched their names in the annals of Kenyan business history.

WoK unveils the top ten billionaires from Kiambu County whose stories inspire and captivate. (some of these individuals have died leaving their vast wealth to their children).

John Kinuthia Makumi 

Popularly known as Mr. Money, John Kinuthia Makumi’s legacy transcends his mortal existence. His entrepreneurial acumen was best exemplified by the iconic Lavington Mall. The billionaire, who passed away at the age of 89, left behind a sprawling empire spanning Kiambu and Nairobi worth billions. Makumi was married to two wives who lived harmoniously. 

Peter Burugu 

Another titan in Kiambu County when entrepreneurs are mentioned. He is behind the Ksh800 million Kiambu Mall and at one time he was the largest distributor of EABL products through his Bia Tosha company. He has had his ups and downs in business but remains one of the wealthiest individuals in the county and country. 

William Kabogo

Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo is a towering figure in Kenya’s real estate sector. His opulent Iguta Paradise Homes in Runda, Kabogo’s ventures have redefined luxury living in the region. While his exact net worth remains undisclosed, his admission of being a billionaire during an interview on K24 underscores the magnitude of his success.

Stanley Githunguri 

He has been described as a shrewd businessman who made a tidy sum when he was alive. Githunguri passed on in 2022  leaving a staggering Ksh1.8 billion to his six children. His journey from humble beginnings in Gachie to entrepreneurial eminence serves as a pointer of the virtues of hardwork and determination. 

Peter Wainaina ‘wa Jungle’ 

Popularly known as Wainaina wa Jungle, Peter Wainaina has carved a niche for himself in the agribusiness sector as the founder and CEO of Jungle Nuts. 

Aside from this business venture, the billionaire at one point was said to be a distributor of concrete electric poles to KPLC.

Eric Ndichu 

Affectionately dubbed Ka-Virginia, embodies the essence of entrepreneurial ingenuity in Kiambu County’s energy sector. Renowned for his philanthropic endeavors, including the provision of free fuel during the inauguration of new petrol stations, Ndichu’s business acumen has propelled him to prominence within the local community. His commitment to service and community empowerment exemplifies the ethos of responsible entrepreneurship.

William Mbote 

Born and raised in Juja, William Mbote’s journey from school dropout to business tycoon is indeed inspiring. 

His first business was a wholesale stop known as Mbote Stores before establishing a beer distribution depot in Gatundu town and a petroleum retail outlet, Kareme Service Station in Juja.

He also owns bars and restaurants in the locality and rental apartments in Juja, Nairobi and other urban centres. He died aged 78 leaving his vast wealth to his two wives and children. 

Mbugua Mwangi

His entrepreneurial legacy has been shadowed by the ongoing court battles for his vast wealth. Through his firm, Ndunde Investments, Mwangi amassed a staggering net worth of Ksh2.1 billion, anchored by strategic investments in prime properties such as Paradise Lost and Misarara Coffee Estate. 

Stanley Kinyanjui

The tycoons entrepreneurial journey is a testament to the power of innovation and foresight. Teaming with his brother Robert Kinyanjui, they founded Magnate Ventures Limited- a pioneering advertising, marketing, and public relations services within Kenya and the East Africa region.

Their dominance in billboard advertising underscores their entrepreneurial dexterity and unwavering commitment to excellence, positioning them as trailblazers within the marketing landscape.