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Boniface Mutisya: Founder Of Kenya’s First Fully-Equipped Mobile Car Wash

Boniface Mutisya is the founder of Presha Wash, an on-demand car wash and detailing company which is Kenya’s first mobile car wash business.

With their app, clients can request for a service and choose the time and place they would like their vehicle to be cleaned from.

After surrendering the vehicle to their team, clients receive text notifications and follow the cleaning progress from within the app.

Here is Mutisya’s story as told by WoK.


In an interview with KTN, Mutisya stated that after high school, he undertook short courses before getting a chance to fly out for further studies.

He ended up in the United States where he pursued a course in Business Administration among other certificates that are specific to his areas of specialization.

Following his graduation from college, he was employed for a year before he ventured into entrepreneurship.

“I didn’t have any passion working for somebody; I just wanted to start my own company and see it grow, and turning to something that changes people’s lives,” Mutisya said.

Mutisya said the idea of Presha Wash was based out of the inconvenience of going to a car wash and having to wait to be attended to.

“Time for everyone is everything and you don’t want to go and hang out in a car wash while you can do other things

“The idea was already conceived in my mind and it was just about bringing it into actualization and I just didn’t want it to be normal,” he stated.

To differentiate his venture from others, Mutisya decided to go digital by creating Android and iOS apps, and a website.

On their app, clients can request a service by confirming their current location, adding a vehicle; brand, type, license plate and colour, choosing a service, scheduling the service and confirm booking at the checkout page.

They offer among other services couch cleaning, carpet cleaning services, headlights restoration and upholstery.

“We were the first company in Kenya to provide on demand services especially for car washes. We bring everything to you. We are different, in that we bring out own source of power and water,” Mutisya said.