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Bridget Bema Biography, Age, Family And Career

By Kamau Kuria 

Careers are being churned out of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Comedians have particularly taken full advantage of the opportunity presented by the internet to make a name for themselves. No one needs approval before they can showcase their talents and ultimately earn an income for themselves. Bridget Bema is one such comedian who is using Instagram to build her career as a young comedian. The girl caught the attention of thousands of Kenyans and Africans following a comical video that went viral on social media platforms. In the video, Bridget acts as a rebellious pupil caught in a myriad of offences by her teacher. This article looks at the youngster’s biography. 

Age and Place of Birth

Bridget was born on November 10, 2011, and she is a younger sister to comedian YY-real name Oliver Otieno

Education Background

She is in primary school. 


Bridget has proven that she is a great actress and upcoming comedian. Following her new found celebrity status, she lost her Instagram account and a new one was created which already commands a decent following of more than twenty-three thousand users. She shares comedy particularly focused on primary school occurrences. She uses a blue and white school uniform as her costume. The videos she shares have often left people cracked up and reminiscent of their younger days. 

In the viral video making rounds all across the continent, the skit is set in a school assembly where a teacher is calling out names of pupils found with misdemeanors. The list is quite lengthy, having several pupil names. Some of these misdemeanors include noise making, bullying fellow pupils, failure to perform their allocated duties, being late for class and not completing assignments. Bridget Bema surprisingly appears in almost all the lists being called out to kneel before the other pupils. The teacher whose character is played by Bridget’s brother, Otieno Oliver, reacts to this in disbelief and can be seen to be in frustration wondering what might be wrong with the girl. 

 In a different light, the video is quite instrumental to young digital content creators. Numbers online are what turn out to be profitable in the long run. To get the numbers, great content is the selling chip. If you would like to make a statement or build a career online, focus on producing material that your target audience relates to and establish a personal connection with your target viewers. In Bridget’s case, a majority of her viewers went through similar experiences in primary school being caught in misdemeanor lists and being punished for it. 

Bridget Bema Biography, Age, Family And Career
Nine Year Old Bridget Bema, A Younger Sister To YY Image/Facebook

The video elicited several reactions from online users making comments such as “You’re bad but are you Bridget Bema?” and “Who was the Bridget Bena of your school?”. She plays the character of the most notorious pupil who gave teachers a headache in dealing with her. All schools had such a character, one who would always be found in not less than two mistakes on a frequent basis. Her comedy is innate ability combined with her elder brother’s mentorship. Oliver Otieno, a comedian you might have seen on the Churchill Show under the stage name of YY, is Chief Executive Officer at Access Light Media. He uses his Instagram platform to share his content and in some of his material features his sister, Bridget Bema. Many are now wondering whether Bridget will be the Kenyan Emmanuella. We can only wait and see how her career in comedy shapes up moving forward. 

Personal Life

Bridget is an enthusiastic girl, always enjoying doing comedy videos. 


Bridget now runs a new Instagram account where you can access more of her material.

Instagram – @bridgetbema_ke