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Businesses and Properties Owned by Jimmy Wanjigi

Jimmy Wanjigi is viewed as the quintessential billionaire who dabbles in politics whenever it suits him. In fact, he was born in a family of politics as his father, Maina Wanjigi, served as cabinet Minister in the late president’s Daniel arap Moi’s regime. Before rising to success and fame, Wanjigi worked at his father’s company – the Kwacha Group of Companies in Westlands, Nairobi. He has had his fair share of criticism and celebration as he is a man of many contradictions. Over the years, Wanjigi has managed to acquire various properties and established businesses that have made him millions of money. 

In this segment, we’ll highlight the various businesses and properties affiliated to Jimmy Wanjigi. 

Kwacha Group of Companies

Kwacha is a multibillion family business empire and Jimmy Wanjigi is in charge of running it. The company is a holding firm for other several businesses owned by the family. The company has shares in Barclays Bank, Total Kenya, Kenya Airways, East Africa Cables, and Carbicid investments. It also owns Kwacha Real Estate investments with housing investments in Nakuru, Karen and Ridgeways as well as the Kitamaiyu, Murang’a and Nyeri coffee estates. 

TYL Limited

Little is known about the TYL Limited but the little in the public domain is that the company transacts business in the billions of shillings. Some insinuate that the company deals with tendering of government projects ranging in the billions.

Businesses and Properties Owned by Jimmy Wanjigi
Caramel Belongs To The Wanjigi’s Image/Courtesy

Caramel Restaurant and Lounge

The Caramel restaurant is considered as one of the high end and prestigious restaurants in Nairobi. It features exclusive meals and offers ample security to its customers. This lavish restaurant is located at the ABC place in Westlands.

Muthaiga Mansion

Jimmy Wanjigi lives with his family in this palatial residence. The mansion features a large parking lot with at least five high-end cars, a well-manicured lawn that doubles as a helipad, strategically positioned security cameras, basketball court, and tinted windows among other many amenities. He lives there with his wife and aged parents. Its architectural design imbues power and wealth. The entrance lounge features a Thai-style architecture. 


Businesses and Properties Owned by Jimmy Wanjigi
Evidence Showing That The Chopper Belongs To Wanjigi Image/Robert Alai

Wanjigi also owns a Euro copter EC 130 B4. The French euro copter was purchased through Wanjigi’s company TYL Limited at a cost of about $1.6 million. The euro copter features the registration 5Y-JWJ. Rumors say that the euro copter might have belonged to Raila Odinga, but Robert Alai later uncovered the documents proving ownership to Wanjigi.

2017 Rolls Royce Provenance Phantom Coupe

The Rolls Royce brand is globally known for its luxury and comfort and Jimmy Wanjigi owns the luxurious beast which is said to have cost him over Kshs. 30 million. The car has a customized number plate following the initials of his name.

2018 Porsche Cayenne

Jimmy Wanjigi parking also includes this German Beast. It is referred to as one of the top performing SUVs in the world in its segment due to its muscular engines and thrilling handling power. Its prices range from about Kshs. 9 million to Kshs. 12 million.