Carrol Sonie Biography, Education, Career, Relationship And Child

Carrol Sonie Biography, Education, Career and Relationship
Her relationship with comedian Mulamwah ha flourished over the years Image/Courtesy

By Prudence Minayo

Caroline Muthoni, known to many as Carrol Sonie, is a Kenyan content creator and actor. She was propelled to fame after funny man Mulamwah introduced the petite beauty as his ‘First Lady’. Apart from supporting her man to create content, Sonie is also an avid Tik Tok content creator whose dance moves are always a balm to her fans. 


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She attended the Cambridge system of education and went up to Form Six.


Soon after completing her A levels, she opted for a career in acting. She attended a couple of auditions at the Kenya National Theatre (KNT) and even got to act in a play. 

Sonie was casted in a Kikuyu soap opera called It Ithaga Riene. The soap airs on Inooro TV every Friday from 8:30pm to 9:00p.m. It addresses various issues that affect the society, such as politics, relationship and unfaithfulness in marriage. Sonnie plays a bold lady who is not afraid of getting into fights to pacify herself.

Apart from acting, she creates content together with her husband Mulamwah. She also recently revealed in an interview with Eve Mungai that she too has a YouTube channel where people can expect more content from her in future. 

Carrol Sonie Biography, Education, Career and Relationship
Sonie and her man Mulamwah enjoying each others company Image/Courtesy


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The gorgeous girl is in a relationship with David Oyando, popularly known as Mulamwah. The two met while she was coming out of an audition at KNT. At the time, she was seeing someone else but that relationship was on the verge of collapse. With persistence, Mulamwah won her heart and the two began dating.

In 2020, the couple lost their child. The comedian revealed that Sonie miscarried when she three months pregnant. He blamed the online trolls for this and was even contemplating quitting comedy. This shocked Sonnie who was not aware of her partner’s plans to call it quits. She did not know the trolls had gotten to him and his quitting was an even bigger shock for her.

In the aftermath of her miscarriage, she was trolled by a number of people who accused her of having gotten rid of the baby including those who were close to her, something that deeply saddened her but made her strong as well. 

Carrol Sonie Biography, Education, Career and Relationship
An expectant Sonie Image/Courtesy

The couple then went their separate ways and in a lengthy post Mulamwah revealed some expectations were not met, hence, the reason for the break up. 

Their separation did not last very long however, for the two got back together and are now expecting another baby together.


The couple welcomed their baby girl named Keilah oyando on September 20, 2021. 

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