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Celebrities With The Most Expensive Houses in Kenya

Assertions by Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) boss Ezekial Mutua that celebrities in the country are dead broke have been disputed by a section of Kenyans. While the majority fit this description, a few of them live the life of the rich and famous. This writer takes you through a list of celebrities with the  most expensive houses in the country. 

Celebrities With The Most Expensive Houses in Kenya
The washroom looks anything like that of a five star hotel Image/Courtesy

Esther Akoth

Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, is a celebrated Kenyan musician known for ‘I don’t give a ‘S’ attitude’. In the course of her career, some have hurled insults at her yet she barely gives them notice and when she does it ends up in premium tears.

Her mansion in Rongo, Siaya county is definitely one of the most magnificent houses in the county. Surrounded by well manicured lawns with a classy swimming pool  added to the mix, the mansion is a sight to behold. 

Celebrities With The Most Expensive Houses in Kenya
Kiuna’s address in Runda Image/Ghalfa

Bishop Allan and Kathy Kiuna

Known as one of the most flamboyant pastors of our generation, the Kiuna’s are known for their luxurious lifestyle. The Jubilee Christian Church founders own a beautiful mansion in Nairobi’s Runda estate, an estate known to house some of the richest personalities in Kenya. The mansion is indeed a sight to behold, the swimming pool, well manicured lawns make for a very beautiful picture. 

Celebrities With The Most Expensive Houses in Kenya
Jalango’s village home Image/Courtesy


Jalang’o is one of the most famous comedians and radio personalities in Kenya. He is known for living life with a big spoon and also giving back to the community.

Celebrities With The Most Expensive Houses in Kenya
Jalango Nairobi house Image/Courtesy

The comedian is always willing to stretch a helping hand to needy cases that touch his heart. He owns a gorgeous house in his village and an equally amazing one in Nairobi. 

Jaguar’s Rural Home Image/Courtesy


Jaguar, real name Charles Njagua Kanyi, is a celebrated musician and the current Starehe constituency MP. He owns a house befitting his status in the outskirts of Nairobi.

Inside the artist turned politician house Image/Courtesy

Modern furnishing using cabro gives it that clean look that ties in with hand-cut stoke and the use of soft colors on his walls makes rooms feel warm. 

Wajesus palatial address Image/Courtesy

The WaJesus Family

They are the sweetest couples on YouTube who have a near fanatical following, their controversies notwithstanding. A few weeks ago, they moved to a new palatial mansion. They took their subscribers through a tour of the mansion which they decorated before moving in. The mansion looks good and they have accentuated its beauty through tasteful decor that is both classy and warm. 

Njugush house has since been completed Image/Courtesy


Some can definitely define him as the father of modern day online comedy in Kenya. Timothy Kimani and his wife Celestine Ndinda have won the hearts of many Kenyans through their lifestyle and the story of their journey to success. The fact that they have shared their ups and downs with their fans has made them a beacon of hope to many.

The two own an expensive mansion in Ruiru which is definitely the labor of hardwork and tears. They have slowly built their house and the little snippets they have given fans is enough to deem the house a tasteful, beautiful house full of warmth and attention to detail. 

Celebrities With The Most Expensive Houses in Kenya

Kevin Bahati and Diana Marua

Singer Bahati bursts into the limelight with major hits like Barua and Mama. Kenyans fell in love with him and years later when he introduced his wife to the public, they also slowly fell in love with her.

The two own a beautiful house that is warm and friendly, definitely designed with their growing family in mind. The house is lined with a well manicured garden and the interior decorated with style and elegance. 

Celebrities With The Most Expensive Houses in Kenya
Sidika has proved that it pays to be well endowed Image/Courtesy

Vera Sidika

The socialite cum businesswoman is known for flashing her body, her flamboyant lifestyle and luxurious trips abroad. Currently engaged to singer Brown Mauzo and expecting a baby with him, she is the picture of glowing elegance. She owns a posh salon in Nairobi and a beautiful house that offers panoramic views of the surrounding. The interior is also divine and decorated to suit her expensive tastes. 

Celebrities With The Most Expensive Houses in Kenya
Jua Cali’s Six Bedroom house in the village Image/Mpasho

Jua Cali 

The popular artist is married to Lilly Asigi, owns a palatial home in Kahawa Sukari. He revealed that it took him five years to complete the building of his home. Boasting a number of hits to his name, the musician’s epic house is as a result of hardwork, saving and perseverance. The house was designed to fit a king and is truly magnificent from the outside. 

Celebrities With The Most Expensive Houses in Kenya
Betty Kyalo and her daughter Image/Pulse

Betty Kyallo

Last year, in the midst of the pandemic Betty Kyallo moved not only her salon’s location but her house as well. She moved to a much bigger house which she got to share with her fans through her YouTube Channel. The house has warm colors and is lined with comfy sofa sets that enhance the homey look. The dining room is huge and the floors are lined with mkeka wa mbao. With everything blending in together, the house is definitely beautiful.


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