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Crazy Kennar: Why My Restaurant Business Failed Despite Investing Millions In It

In 2021, comedian Crazy Kennar made headlines when he launched his restaurant, Instant Delicacies. Previously located at Juja Square, the restaurant gained significant attention during...
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Celebs In Business: Male Kenyan Celebrities And Their Side Hustles

In today’s world, being a celebrity isn’t just about fame and fortune in one industry.

Many Kenyan celebrities have embraced the idea of diversification, following the advice of King Solomon in Ecclesiastes 11:2, which says:
Invest in seven ventures, yes, in eight; you do not know what disaster may come upon the land.

In the above verse, Solomon points out the wisdom of diversifying one’s investments, so that, if one investment fails, you are not completely wiped out.

WoK takes a closer look at six male Kenyan celebrities and their successful side hustles.

Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni is a celebrated radio star in Kenya, known for his popular Maina and King’ang’i breakfast show he cohosts on Classic 105.

Despite being among the highest paid media personalities in the country, Maina doesn’t solely depend on his radio career. He is also a brand ambassador for various brands, having previously worked with Johnnie Walker and Formula 1.

He also reportedly owns a travel outfit — Maina Kageni Limited — which is part of a local tourism initiative called Tembea Tujenge Kenya.

Finally, Maina has invested in various real estate ventures in Kenya and abroad.

The vivacious entrepreneur has previously urged Kenyans not to depend on a single income stream.


David Oyando, aka Mulamwah, is one of the most popular comedians in Kenya. He is also a presenter at Milele FM.

The popular humorist has proven his business acumen by investing his hard-earned cash in various ventures.

To begin with, he has invested in farming, as he reportedly owns a wheat farm in Eldoret.

Mulamwah has also invested in the motorbike (boda-boda) business. In an interview with Churchill, Mulamwah disclosed that he owns over 15 motorbikes in Kitale, which bring him at least sh 300 per day per motorbike.

Finally, Mulamwah, who ranks his net worth in the estimates of sh 4 million, owns a music record label and is a brand ambassador for various high-profile brands in the country.

Thee Pluto

Robert Ndegwa Kamau, aka Thee Pluto, is one of the most popular content creators in Kenya.

He is best known for his YouTube channel, where he exposes cheating couples in a program dubbed ‘loyalty test’. The channel has garnered over 800,000 subscribers, ranking him among the highest-paid YouTubers in Kenya.

Beyond the camera, Pluto has invested his earnings in Agriculture, owning a beef, dairy, and pig farm in Githunguri, dubbed ‘Pluto Dairies’.

He is also a brand ambassador for various companies, the most recent being Expeditions Maasai Safaris, a tours and travel company.

Finally, Pluto reportedly dabbles in forex and cryptocurrency trading.


Felix Oduor, aka Jalang’o or Heavy J Baba, is the current MP for the Lang’ata constituency.

Prior to his debut in politics, he was a radio presenter, actor, comedian, master of ceremonies, and talk show host.

Aside from politics, the legislator has diversified his income streams. He owns Arena Media, a company that majors in brand advertising and marketing.

He also owns a YouTube Channel – Jalang’o TV – where he interviews personalities and celebrities. He is on record for previously disclosing in an interview that, at one time, he used to earn more from his YouTube Channel than his current salary as an MP.

He also owns a restaurant called Wapek Delicacies, which he co-owns with his wife, Amina Chao. The restaurant has hosted various VIPs, including Raila Odinga.

In 2020, Jalas reportedly ran an egg supply business across the country’s capital. In a previous interview, he disclosed that he was supplying between 6 000 – 7000 trays of eggs weekly at one time.

Jalang’o is also a brand ambassador for over 10 popular brands in the country.

Rashid Abdalla

Rashid Abdalla is one of the most known TV personalities in Kenya.

He co-hosts the Citizen TV Nipashe Wikendi program alongside his wife Lulu Hassan.

Aside from their media career, the lovebirds have invested in the local film production industry.

They are the brains behind Jiffy Pictures, the Swahili Telenovela Production company behind local hit series like Zora, Maria, Kovu, Maza, and Huba. The shows have aired on local TV stations as well as other streaming services.

Jiffy Pictures also creates adverts and commercials and offers marketing services for companies.


Sauti Sol’s lead vocalist, Bien Aime Baraza, has invested in other ventures aside from music.

He owns the Manhattan Ke Bar and Grill, located at Imaara Mall, which he founded with two of his former university schoolmates

Aside from his club, Bien, together with his Sauti Sol bandmates, had dived into the earphone and headphone business in 2021, partnering with local headphone brand Pace Africa.


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