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Cera Imani: Corporate Girl Making it Big in the Social Media Space

Cera Imani is a beauty and lifestyle digital content creator boasting over 100,000 followers on Instagram.

Not much was known about her until recently when car dealer, Khalif Kairo, introduced her as his girlfriend on X, formerly Twitter.

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2024, Kairo hired a private jet and flew Imani to Naivasha although he initially denied claims that they were in a relationship.

But who is Imani beyond her relationship with Kairo? Here is her story as told by WoK.

According to an interview with Nation, Imani was born and raised in Nakuru.

As a firstborn child, she was privileged to attend the best schools and “had it all, from toys to snacks.”

After completing her secondary school education, Imani enrolled in university where she studied procurement and logistics management.

She later ventured into the job market and secured a job as a marketer at Gates Insurance, an insurance broker for general and commercial insurance.

Cera Imani
Cera Imani PHOTO/Instagram

Content creation

Despite having a corporate job, Imani had been working as a digital creator and got her breakthrough in 2023 when she landed a marketing gig with Naivas.

“I count that and collaborating with influencers that I’ve admired for the longest in the industry as my biggest wins last year,” she told Nation.

Personal life

Even though Imani has been on the receiving end over her social life recently, she insists that she is a believer and a prayerful woman.

“I believe once you cast your prayers to God, you don’t need to worry. What you see on social media is not real, some people make life easier and rosier but it is false. I believe in taking a stand and having a sense of direction,” she said.

Imani also addressed her past relationship and dealing with the break up saying, “I learnt that everyone’s love language is different, so try loving their partner in their live language and be kinder, listen more.”

Additionally, she noted that she finds joy in discovering new getaway locations and exploring the world.

On her tattoo that recently caused a frenzy on social media, Imani says it’s just art.