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Charles Kamau: How My Wife Helped Me Start A Driving School In The US After Bragging I Was The Best Driver

How My Wife Helped Me Start A Driving School In The US After Bragging I Was The Best Driver

Charles Kamau is the founder of Blessed Driving School located in Washington State in the United States.

He established the driving school after working as a driver instructor in Washington where he discovered a business opportunity.

By the time Kamau started his business, he had lost his job and he offered his services door-to-door before getting a physical office.

Here is his story as told by WoK.


In 2017, Kamau lost his job and he was thinking of options and alternative hustles to engage in to make ends meet.

It was not long before he landed a job as a driver instructor in a local driving school after a referral by his wife.

In an interview with Mkenya Marekani, Kamau explained that the job came at a time of need as his wife was expectant with their firstborn child.

“My wife was expectant with our firstborn. So she went to a salon to get her hair done and one of the attendants was seeking assistance to learn how to drive

“My wife bragged to her that I was the best driver around and could assist her. This was the beginning of the dream,” Kamau said.

Kamau worked as an instructor for a while before going solo, and eventually establishing his own driving school.

While starting off, he began with door-to-door visits before making enough money to set up a physical location.

“At the time, we were at a low moment in our lives as I had just lost my job. Fortunately, God opened a way and I found a means to make it work. It began with door-to-door visits raising awareness and linking up with my clients,” Kamau said.

After months of putting in extra effort, he launched a physical office in Washington State in September 2022.

“I was looking for a way to cater to the community and in a particular instance, the opportunity presented itself. It has been my passion to begin a driving school so I’m grateful for the opportunity

“The youth turn 16 every single day and hence there is a need for a driving school that will equip them with the requisite skills needed to learn how to drive. That’s where we come in,” Kamau said during the launch.

Kamau also said that they have received many calls as kids turn 16 every day, and there is a huge market for people looking to know how to drive.

“I had just lost my job,and my wife was almost giving birth. God just opened that way and the rest is history

“”I used to have briefcase office so I used to go see people, from their apartments and at home but now here we are and now God has blessed us with Blessed Driving school,” he added.