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Charles Kamindo: Kenyan Athlete Running Successful Trucking Business in the US

Charles Kamindo is among Kenyans who moved to foreign countries and managed to establish successful businesses.

Kamindo, an athlete, settled in the United States nearly a decade ago after securing a citizenship and set up a trucking business.

He currently runs Kamindos Logistics LLC which currently has seven trucks.

Here is Kamindo’s story as told by WoK.

Kamindo, who was born in Nduduri in Nakuru County, took up running at a young age.

Later, his potential would be recognised, and in 1999, he was funded to travel to the US and settled in Wisconsin.

Following almost ten years of operating professionally, Kamindo expanded into other industries, such as transportation.

He paid Ksh 1.3 milion at the time for a street vehicle, and after receiving some training, he started working under his new company, Kamindos Logistics LLC.

Consequently, Kamindo started transporting goods throughout the nation, which gradually developed into a prosperous enterprise.

The most important part of the work, in Kamindo’s opinion, is hiring competent drivers who are trained to minimise disruptions.

He also disclosed that he tracks his driver using an app to keep tabs on the distance travelled and speed.

One of the biggest problems, according to Kamindo, is when a truck breaks down and can prevent the items from being transported.

He did point out that someone nimble is needed to make quick decisions and guarantee the package reaches its destination on schedule.

“The expenses are a lot when running this business and it eats into the profit especially now that I have seven trucks. However, I am left with enough for my family and a vacation from time to time,” he said.

Charles Kamindo
Charles Kamindo PHOTO/Diaspora Messenger

The trucking business benefits the American economy by delivering vast amounts of raw materials, work in progress, and finished items over land, often from industrial plants to retail distribution centres.

Trucks are also utilised in the construction sector, with two types requiring dump trucks and portable concrete mixers to transport enormous volumes of rocks, mud, concrete and other building supplies.

Trucks in America convey the majority of freight across land and are used in the manufacturing, transportation and warehousing industries.

To drive heavy trucks and buses, you must have a commercial driver’s licence (CDL).

Obtaining a CDL necessitates further study and training dealing with the unique knowledge requirements and handling qualities of such a huge vehicle.

Drivers of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) must follow hours of service standards, which govern commercial drivers’ driving hours.

Drivers must be at least 21 years old to drive on the interstates, while efforts are being made to lower the minimum to 18.