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Jeff: 11 Year Old Citizen TV Becky Actor Running His Own Bakery Business

Jeff is one of the lead actors in the Becky telenovela that airs on Citizen TV every weekday from 7.30 pm. 

On the show, he plays the role of Becky and Junior’s son. Both are lead actors in the show. 

Naturally, many fans of the show have been curious about the actor’s personal life. 

In this article, WoK goes behind the scenes to unveil 10 details you might not have known about Jeff. 

He Comes From a Family of Actors

Jeff’s real name is Prince Kariithi Mwangi. The 11-year-old lives with his aunt and parents. 

Talent runs in their family, as all his three siblings are actors. 

The boy is a grade 4 student at  Sprindles Junior School in Parklands, with his favorite subjects being Math and PE. 

His hobbies include watching movies, drawing, and playing football. 

He Started Acting at the age of three

Jeff started acting at the age of three. 

At the time, his parents asked him if he would be interested in an acting career.

He said yes, and they enrolled him at an organization called Gifted Kids Kenya. 

The organization discovers and nurtures children’s talents, particularly in performing arts and dramatic skills. 

Children can participate as actors, fashion designers, set and stage managers, emphasizing training in acting skills. 

When Jeff arrived at the organization, he was initially shy but was slowly shaped on how to become a good actor. 

From there, he was able to land acting gigs in other shows and adverts. 

He Landed A Role In Becky By Auditioning 

Due to his young age, one might mistakenly think that Jeff landed a lead role in Becky through special connections or preferential treatment. 

However, in recent interviews, the young actor said he earned the role fair and square by auditioning and impressing the casting team with his acting prowess just like other characters. 

“It was a tough competition, but luckily I auditioned and won. I felt great,” he said. 

He has acted in Netflix movies

Apart from “Becky,” Jeff has also acted in Netflix movies and made appearances in the Imax show “Usikimie.” 

He has also acted in several TV adverts and billboards. 

By the time he landed a role at Becky,  he already had quite a wealth of screen experience under his belt. 

He runs a cake business

Aside from his acting career, Jeff is quite the entrepreneur. 

He runs a cake baking and selling business, where he sells different types of cakes under the brand ‘Cakes by Jeff’. 

He delivers these cakes to occasions like birthdays, weddings, and other events.

He also has a YouTube channel, although it is not very active. 

He Rises at 4

As one of the lead actors, Jeff has to rise up by 4 AM to go through the script and participate in rehearsals on time. 

The actor cited this as one of his greatest challenges as he loves his sleep. 

His aunt wakes him and takes him to these rehearsals. 

However, cramming the script and his lines is not a challenge to him as his parents and aunt help him understand it. 

He has a Special Bond with the actor ‘Becky’. 

On-screen, Jeff plays Becky and Junior’s son. Off-screen, he reveals that Becky treats him like a second mother, with immense care and love. 

His other favorite characters on the show are Maureen and Junior. 

“I like riding bikes with him, pulling pranks and jokes, etc. Same to Mo,” he said. 

These relationships have become a catalyst for his growth as an actor.

He hopes To become a Journalist

Despite being a talented actor, cramming scripts and faking emotions is not what Jeff would like to do for the rest of his life. 

In interviews, the boy said he would like to pursue a career in journalism.

He draws inspiration from prominent journalists like Lulu Hassan, Jeff Koinange, and Rashid Abdalla. 

His future plans include buying a car for his father and mother. 

His final word for upcoming actors: You can make your idols be your rivals. 

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