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Citizen TV’s Wycliffe Orandi: Remarkable Career Journey, Job Loss, And Marriage

If you’re a devoted listener of Hot 96 or a regular viewer of Citizen TV, the name Wycliffe Orandi might ring a bell.

The quiet-spoken gentleman is a news presenter at the station and a news anchor at Citizen TV. Not much is known about him, as he rarely bears his private life to the public.

However, in a recent interview, the veteran journalist decided to peel back the layers, sharing his remarkable career journey, personal life, and ambitions.

This is his journey as told by WoK:

Wycliffe Orandi’s career in journalism commenced back in 2006 when he graduated from Daystar University with a BA in Communication and Media Studies. He started at Citam-owned Hope FM, where he worked for three years as a news anchor.

In 2009, he joined Easy FM, where he worked until 2013.

Orandi then moved to K24 TV, where he became the face of prime-time sports news for three years.

However, in 2015, the network underwent a restructuring that resulted in several staff members losing their jobs, including Orandi.

In the interview, he recollected how he was caught off guard by K24’s decision. “I was on my off day, driving along Yaya Centre. I received a call from the HR department, who told me to report to the office immediately as there was something they wanted to discuss,” he said.

Unsure of the meeting’s intentions, he drove to Mediamax offices located along Kijabe Street, where he found other colleagues who had also been summoned.

“We were handed our salaries and informed that our services were no longer needed,” he said. That was in October 2015. He stayed jobless for two months, taking care of his ailing mother.

In December, a friend informed him of a job opening at Royal Media, which he applied. He aced the interview and landed a job as a news presenter-cum radio host at Hot 96, a role he held the role for three years until he transitioned to doing news briefs at Citizen TV.

Looking back, Orandi reflects on how his formative years paved the way for his current position.

“Back in my days at primary and high school, I used to be a tie guy. I loved wearing ties and looking sharp,” said the self-declared workaholic.

Aside from work, Orandi says he loves cooking. His favorite meal is creamy mashed potatoes and meat stew. On his rare days off, he loves sitting in the house and watching TV.

“You will often find me on the phone or my laptop, watching things,” he said.

He is also a devout family man, married to Sheila Achieng’, his former work colleague at Hot 96. Sheila was the deputy head of the Human Resource department when they started dating.

“In my opinion, there is no damage in dating a work colleague, so long as it does not affect your productivity. If you are mature people, you’ll work it out,” says Orandi.

The lovebirds tied the knot in October 2019, exchanging vows in front of family, friends, and some of the biggest media names in the country, such as Patrick Igunza, Hassan Mugambi, and Mike Okinyi.

As for his future plans, Wycliffe Orandi aims to diversify his career and possibly secure a position at an international media company.

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