Co-operative Bank Agent Application Requirements

Co-operative Bank Agent Application Requirements
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Co-op Kwa Jirani is a service of Co-operative Bank of Kenya.

Co-op Kwa Jirani enables customers to carry out all banking transactions through an agent appointed by the bank.

Co-operative Bank’s Agency Banking mostly entail cash deposit taking, cash withdrawals, school fees payments, utility payments, balance enquiry, mini-statements among others.

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One needs to have an account with Co-operative Bank to work as an agent. Minimum balance of an agent is determined by one’s appraisal forwarded to the Co-operative Bank.

Who can use Co-op Kwa Jirani?

Customers, non-customers, SACCO-link members, co-operatives, MCU customers, SME customers and corporates.

The following documents along with the application form are required during application to be a Co-op Bank agent:

Certificate of good conduct (for the individual)

KRA PIN certificate

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Bank statements if you are not a Co-op Bank account holder

Business permits for the last 12 months

Current business permit

Certificate of registration

Copy of ID or equivalent

Two passport size photographs

Business owners’ or directors’ CVs

CBK Form 3 and CBK Form 4 witnessed by Commissioner of Oaths

For corporates and SACCOs, the following additional documents will be required:

Audited books of accounts for the last two years

Resolution to carry out agency banking

SASRA approval for FOSA’s

VAT registration (where applicable)

The applicable fees to facilitate approval are:

CBK application fee – Ksh 1,000

Float placement – Determined by customer limit which is arrived at during appraisal

Who Can Be A Co-op Kwa Jirani Agent?

Limited liability companies

Sole proprietorships



Co-operative societies

State corporations


Public entities

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