Comedian Onsongo Biography, Age, Education, Career & Meeting Lulu Hassan

Comedian Onsongo Profile, Age, Education, Career & Meeting Lulu Hassan
Comedian Onsongo Hails From Nyamira County Image/Courtesy

By Prudence Minayo

Abraham Onsongo is a young comedian whose videos have been causing quite a stir online. He is authentically funny and at times leaves viewers confused if that is his true self or he is playing a character. Here is his profile as told by WoK writer. 

Age and Background

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The young boy is 10 years old and hails from Rigoma in Magombo, Nyamira county. His parents are supportive of his talent and even allowed him to travel to Nairobi to meet those who have been helping him along the journey. 


According to Kisiifinest, the 10 year old is in Grade 4 at Zana Junior Academy Primary School located in Gachuba, Rigoma in Nyamira county. 


The talented content creator has two siblings. 

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Onsongo’s ability to  make people laugh is inborn. He began posting videos online with the help of his brother Duke Amos- who goes by the alias Culture who also doubles as his director. 

Onsongo also works with Mike Wako on most of his videos. Mr Wako saw that lots of people in Kenya use effects from West Africa in their videos. He then decided that he would create his own Kenyan effects that would be used by other people. The 10-year-old was the first to use his effects and that was how they connected. 

They connected online and have been editing videos to seem like they were together. They write a script and Onsongo acts out his part while Mike acts out his, then the videos are edited. 

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Meeting Lulu Hassan

The young comedian’s dream was to meet Citizen TV Swahili news anchor Lulu Hassan. His dream came to pass after he met the Swahili news anchor and got to interact with her. He also wishes to meet Jalang’o. Visiting Citizen TV studios, the young comedian seemed to impress Lulu who had a permanent smile plastered on her face. His facial expressions, how he answered questions brought out his true character. Onsongo requested the TV presenter to give him a dera, coconut and mabuyu. He all along thought a dera was a trouser. 

Lulu went on to say that she saw Onsongo’s video after a number of people sent her a link of the young village boy requesting that they meet. She reposted and it created the buzz intended. Lulu urged his handlers to continue supporting his talent and hoped that he would get sponsors. 

Interview With Eve Mungai

In his videos, he appropriately acts  as a rude/clever boy. A section of Kenyans mistook this for him being rude but in an interview with Eve Mungai this was clarified. Mike said the boy wasn’t rude but was just the character he portrayed in his videos.

Nonetheless, most Kenyans have received him well as his videos have often gone viral on Tik Tok. His subscribers have also drastically increased and continue to increase by the day. Four days ago, he was at 40k subscribers but at the moment he has nearly 70k subscribers.

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