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Comedian Zainabu Zeddy Biography, Background, Education, Family, Career and Controversy

By Prudence Minayo

Kenyan stand-up comedy for a long time was a male dominated field until a new breed of female comediennes broke the glass ceiling. One such person is Zeddy who has been part of the industry for more than eight years now. Over the years she has proved to be a genius in her trade and has inspired many female comedians to join the industry. Here is her story.


The comedian was born in Majengo, Nairobi. Her family lived in Olkalou for a while before moving to Majengo.


Zeddy attended Githunguri Primary School. It was during this time that she discovered her ability to make people laugh. Her friends were always laughing when they were around her.


Details about her parents or siblings are not available to the public. She is married and is a mother of three. At one point, through her social media, she explained that she sank into depression after losing her second born child. 

“Story yangu nikua na ball ya second born nikafikisha 9 months vizuri bt after kujifungua mtoto hakulia. Tayari alikua amefariki nilishindwa kulia wala kuongea yaani sikujua cha kufanya after hiyo miezi yote uchungu mwingi natoka hossy bure,” she said.

So after kupoteza mtoto unawekwa ward moja na mama na watoto wao…sema stress, kila mmoja ananyonyesha wewe uko. Mmoja akitaka kuenda choo anaita mwingine amuangalilie mtoto yaani wana kuavoid kama uko na ukoma juu wanaona kama utaiba mtoto,” she added.

(Loosely translated: When I gave birth to my second born after 9 months my child did not cry. The child was already dead. I couldn’t even cry or talk, I did not know what to do after carrying the baby to term and all that pain I was leaving the hospital without a baby).

It was so difficult for her that she resorted to locking herself in the house and taking painkillers. Every time she’d go out people would ask if the baby was born. At one point she said she almost lost her life. She further added the pain was still there and counselling was not readily available for such mothers. The comedian went on to encourage others to share talk so that together they can start a journey towards healing. 


The mother of three worked at the EPZ for five years. Colleagues encouraged her to pursue comedy because she had a way of making them laugh. Twice, she attended Churchill Show as a member of the audience. In an interview with Jalang’o, the comedian said she unsuccessfully auditioned at Churchill Show a number of times. Her boss was understanding and would allow her to go for the auditions. For four months, she kept on being rejected but never gave up. One day she got her breakthrough during a segment that does not air on TV where up coming comedians who think they are funny are called to showcase their talents. She was the only lady up against three guys and managed to come out the winner. This is how she got into the show.

Since her entry into the show, Zeddy never looked back until her recent outbursts that have put her in bad books with the management. 

Zeddy accused the top management of the show of being impervious to the tribulations of comedians who have ended up either dead, under depression or homeless. 

She set out to reveal some bad things that allegedly happened behind the scenes. She went on to announce that she would be leaving the show during an interview with Jalang’o. 

“ I do not think I will be going back to the Churchill show. I have not been fired but you know there is a need for growth I am one of the oldest comedians there, ” she said during the interview with Jalang’o. 

“I am not quitting comedy. I can do it online. I joined Churchill Show about eight years ago and it is time I let others like Nasra flourish,” she added.


In 2017, Churchill Show came under fire after the bicycle joke performed by Zeddy and fellow comedian Jasper Murume did not sit well with fans. The language was termed lewd and even the KFCB CEO, Ezekiel Mutua, criticized the joke terming it immoral. 

Following the death of comedian Kasee, Zainabu came out to expose the creative director Victor Ber and his colleague J Blessing. 

She said Victor Ber is the reason why most comedians sink into depression. According to her, the man was harsh and denied many comedians a chance. She further added the reason why there were very few female comedians was because he kills their acts so that his wife Tr. Wanjiku becomes the queen of comedy. Victor Ber was termed as a cruel man with a cold heart and Sleepy David was not spared when he came out to defend the creative director. 

Zeddy further directed her wrath towards the Churchill Show Director JBlessing terming him as a bad person who uses personal feelings to make judgements about comedians.

“ I know I might never be on the Churchill Show stage because of this but my heart will finally be at peace. JBlessing is a self centered selfish human so on him if he doesn’t like you he will not record your show,” she said. 

“ A good example is David the student, he once suspected Davy liked one of his girls. Davy never made it on tv, yes he was in the program ones he gets on stage blessing walks out of the gallery, ask yourself where Davy is and why did he quit comedy yet he was one of the most funny guys ever, Butita, Akuku danger just mention a few,” she added.