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HomenewsDanstan Omari: Kisiis Should Not Pay Taxes 

Danstan Omari: Kisiis Should Not Pay Taxes 

Prolific lawyer Danstan Omari, christened the baby daddy lawyer, has come out with all guns blazing accusing President William Ruto led government of discriminating against the Gusii community. 

Speaking to the press, the lawyer said that Kisiis should not pay taxes because they are not part of the government. 

“Kisiis should not pay taxes, because they are not part and parcel of this government”, a charged Omari said. 

He went on to single out Nyamira county as a target of the Kenya Kwanza administration. 


The ‘baby daddy’ lawyer gave an example of the just concluded national exams where schools from the county were in the spotlight over possible exams cheating. 

Nyambaria High School in Nyamira county topped the 2022 KCSE exams in the region to send 488 students to university after they scored C plus and above.

Parastatal heads

He went on to add that parastatals heads from the Gusii community have been hounded out of office, this was in reference to Margaret Nyakang’o

He cited article 27, which states that you cannot discriminate based on race or tribe. 

“The only constitutional office holders from the Kisii community is Margaret Nyakang’o. She has been hounded out of office. None of the Kisiis has ever been appointed a PS. 

This is a government of shareholding, it is very clear that the Kisiis are not shareholders in this government,” the lawyer said.

Controller of budget

He went on to defend the controller of budget saying that she was vetted by all the relevant bodies and approved by the then president. 

“There is a serious fishing expedition to get reasons to invoke article 251 and remove Margaret Nyakang’o from her constitutional office”, he went on to say. 

Danstan Omari has made a name for himself as one of the most bankable advocates from the Gusii community and the country at large. 

The former high school teacher has handled high profile cases and continues to attract clients of means.

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