David Kamau: 19 Year Old Builds Robotic Dog That Detonates Explosives, Disarms Landmines

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David Lawrence Kamau has developed a military-grade robotic dog that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to perform different tasks.

The 19-year-old student believes that the device will help police officers and men in the military in their fight against terrorism.

Here is his story as told by WoK.

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Speaking in an interview with NTV, Kamau said the dog can deactivate explosive devices and disarm land miles using AI.

He explained that his invention is thoroughly programmed to perform the aforementioned tasks accurately.

This, first-year student at the Thika Tech Institute said, will minimize fatalities that may arise during such missions.

“Given that it is run using a computer program, the margin of error is very minimal as compared to when a human is tasked with defusing a bomb

“With this robot, we will not have to expose our police officers or military men to any harm. In any case, the destruction of the machine is less costly than the loss of human life,” Kamau explained.

Kamau noted that he has also developed a mobile phone software that one can use to command the dog.

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Like any other inventor, Kamau has also experienced challenges especially when gathering material required to build the robot.

This include lack of metals which forces him to use scrap materials, and lack of a computer which is essential in developing the AI to operate the dog.

“A robot has three components; IT, mechanics, and electronics. I may not have the money to get all components so I use the bicycle gear instead and I hope to get a computer soon,” Kamau said.

Kamau has asked the government to chip in and find him and other budding innovators coming up with such projects.

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