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Davido: Amount Nigerian Superstar Charges Per Show

Singer Davido during one of his concerts.

David Adeleke popularly known as Davido recently revealed he only does four shows a month.

The megastar also shocked his fans around the world when he claimed he charged US dollars 600,000(Ksh 78.6 million) per show.

According to Nigerian publications among them The Daily Post, Davido insisted the amount was less as fewer people can pay for his performances.

“I mean now I charge $600,000 for a show. Now it is less. Actually. Because fewer people can pay. I do three to four shows in a month, which is $2 million to $3 million,” Davido said

The Fall singer had also in September 2023 stated in an interview with Icebox that $600,000 was his performance fee. The video of the interview went viral with many wondering how he commands a huge fee.

In March 2024, Davido was among the superstars who performed in Kenya during the Raha Fest that was held at the Uhuru Gardens. It’s not been confirmed how much the event organisers paid the Nigerian megastar.

Davido had also performed at the Timeless Concert in Uganda before his show in Nairobi.

In 2015, it was confirmed that Davido was paid KSh 5.5 million during a show at Carnivore Grounds and on his second visit in 2018 he pocketed a cool KSh 10 million after performing at Uhuru Gardens.

Since breaking out into the music scene in the 2010s, Davido has seen his star rise from a Nigerian icon to an African star who has now gained fame globally.

From BET and Grammy nominations and winning awards like the MOBO award, Davido has proven indeed he is a top-dollar star.