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Deborah Chebet Ronoh Biography, Age, Career, Achievements, Betrayal And Dating Short Men

By Prudence Minayo

Deborah Chebet Ronoh is a popular Kenyan media personality who shot to fame after posting a video chiding an old man who wanted to date her. The situation angered her and forced her to make a video ranting about the audacity of the man. This video went viral spurring her to release  many more videos.


Chebet Ronoh is 21-years-old. 


She was a mid-morning presenter at NRG radio and has a YouTube channel which currently boasts over 124k subscribers. She joined NRG stars alongside Charlie Karumi, a show where YouTube meets radio. The position was previously held by Elodie Zone who stepped down in order to pursue other endeavours. Chebet had never thought of joining radio but was nonetheless happy for the opportunity. She quit NRG radio in April 2020, eight months after joining the station. 

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Towards the end of 2020, she landed a job with Homeboyz radio where she co-hosted the morning show alongside G Money and Neville. She made the announcement of her return to radio through her social media page.

“We are back on air my loveliesss @homeboyz radio 103.5 with the badddesst 💯 maaad maaad. Urban sound of Nairobi!!!  @gmoneyizme @thaatneville. Wake up with us on the MORNING LIFT OFFFFF #theliftoff.” 


This made her the first woman on HBR’s breakfast show in 9 years.

A few weeks into her job, Chebet called it quits saying she didn’t listen to God or think through it and just accepted the job. She said that although the decision stained her name, she realized it didn’t make her happy. 

The comedian on her 20th birthday last year listed her achievements at the age of 19 while thanking God for the far she had reached. At the age of 19, her YouTube channel had over 4.3 million views and her top ten achievements were:

  • Headlined in a number if blogs
  • First youngest radio presenter in Kenya 
  • Earned her first million
  • Met her Kenyan idols and interviewed some  
  • Became the first fastest rising online comedian in the country. 
  • Appeared in a magazine
  • Appeared in a couple of newspapers 
  • Had number one mid-morning show on radio 
  • Appeared on most Kenyan TV networks 
  • Earned 4.3 million views on YouTube. 

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In a past interview, she revealed that she has been betrayed by people she called friends, some of whom she had housed. While talking about the story, on Dr. King’ori’s Wicked Edition, she had a panic attack and had to leave the interview midway. 

Recently, two of her former friends, Chrisbel Kirai and Peter Louche, revealed damaging details about her. They said while they stayed with her she would come home drunk and wet the bed at times. Despite their efforts to help her, she didn’t appreciate them. 

Following their claims, she shared that she was not embarrassed and so many people had inboxed her saying they have the same problem. She further added that they were not her roommates but lived with her in the same house (her house). She asked them to leave and before she knew it Ronoh was in a video being discussed by the so-called friends.

“Save yourself from manipulative people,” she posted. 

Dating Short Men

Ronoh has no time for short men and made this clear in a video she shared on her YouTube channel. She said short men are a hard “brand to love” and should stop wasting their time trying to date her. 

Her post read:

Height for me is such a big deal. And I say this because short men are such a hard brand to love. You are below sea level, you are below me. I can’t do this. It’s no disrespect whatsoever but if you are short, please don’t flirt with me,” said stated.

She went on to say:

Bro, I am like 5’8″, 5’9″ I think. And if you know you are 4 ft nothing and you are approaching me for a conversation, you are setting yourself up for pain. You are setting yourself up for sadness. That’s another don’t do… So, if you are short, don’t approach me. That’s all It’s saying.”