Diana Kiluu: Graduate With 2 Degrees Making Money Preparing Food For People In Their Homes

Food prepared by Diana Kiluu PHOTO/Courtesy

After failing to secure a job following her graduation, Diana Kiluu decided to venture into business to make some money.

Diana holds a degree in supply chain management and she is expected to graduate with another in procurement.

At the moment, the graduate prepares varieties of foods in people homes who are tired to cook. She started her business with a Ksh 110 investment.

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Before her new venture, Diana has set up a hotel in a locality where she would make Ksh 1,500 per day.

“I made over a hundred applications but never got a job as I do not have connections. I delved into business as I could not ask people for money yet I have hands,” she said in an interview with TUKO.

However, the high price of cooking oil forced her out of business shortly before she joined hands with a friend and started preparing food for people.

Diana also runs a ‘mama mboga kibanda’ where she sells vegetables and fruits.

“My friend and I started cooking for people, and have been doing it for six months now. I don’t invest anything as the clients provide all the ingredients. When I cook chapati I charge up to Ksh 400. The least I charge is Ksh 100 for ugali and other simple meals,” she said.

Diana also explained that she is always accompanied by a friend to avoid harassments and unwanted advances from rogue clients.

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As earlier reported on WoK, a university graduate has stunned many after revealing how much he makes from dairy farming, at a time when Kenyan youth are grappling with unemployment.

Gordon Chui, 28, graduated from Chuka University in 2018 with a diploma in animal health and production, and decided to follow his passion for farming instead of looking for a job.

By the time he graduated, he had already started dairy farming with the help of his parents.

“I started dairy farming in 2015 while still in college but got so much into it in 2018 after school. Besides running it as a business, I’m passionate about cows. I got a bond with cows

“After graduating, I ventured directly into farming. I got supportive parents who gave me two cows to start with; a Friesian and an Ayrshire,” Chui told TUKO.

Chui currently owns 13 cows; four heifers, three that are dry and six that produce milk. The lad sells his produce at Brookside, Mt Kenya Milk and Meru Central dairies.

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