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DJ Saint Profile, Career, Relationship With Karen Nyamu And Advice To Samidoh

By Prudence Minayo

DJ Saint is a popular name in the local entertainment industry. He is an events organizer, consultant, entrepreneur and a seasoned deejay. The DJ made headlines when he revealed he was Karen Nyamu’s baby daddy. Nyamu has a child with popular vernacular artist Samidoh and she has claimed she’s carrying another baby for the musician. DJ Saint, however, kept off his baby mama’s dramas until recently when he came out to share his past with Nyamu and their daughter. 

Here is what this writer gathered about DJ Saint. 


Saint Kevin began his career as a DJ years ago and quickly became one of the most sought after entertainers in Kenya. He has  made appearances on Citizen TV’s popular show 10 Over 10 and on Milele FM concert which was hosted by Alex Mwakideu and Felix Odiwuor. 

Nyamu and her ex-lover DJ Saint Photo credit: Instagram/karenzo.nyamu, saintkevinsky

Relationship with Karen Nyamu 

The disc jockey was in a relationship with popular city lawyer Karen Nyamu. The two met nearly ten years ago, long before Karen decided to get into politics. They had a daughter together but later decided to go their separate ways. 

He said of their first encounter: 

I met Karen before she became a politician. She was a lawyer and I was in a DJ event” 

In the same interview on Radio Jambo, he revealed the relationship was very toxic. The fights were endless and any misgiving would spark an argument. He even advised her to stop going to his shows while they were still together since her jealousy would lead to trouble afterwards. However, he understood the jealousy other women would flirt with him courtesy of his trade. The two then decided to part ways as they believed the toxic environment was not good for the healthy upbringing of their daughter.

DJ Saint Profile, Career, Relationship With Karen Nyamu And Advice To Samidoh
The stylish DJ Saint Image/Courtesy

”Every time there was an argument. It was getting toxic and separating was the best option for us. I don’t want to say the breakup did not affect me. I am not a stone. If you have been with someone for such a long time, then you feel it when they leave. I found it best we separate rather than killing each other,” offered Saint. 

He describes Karen as a good mother and the two share the responsibility of bringing up their daughter. He even met Samidoh once to express he was okay with him as long as he treats his daughter right. 

Take on Nyamu’s relationship with Samidoh

The DJ has ruled out any possibility of the two ever getting back together terming their relationship that of brother and sister. “We are like a brother and sister. We only speak about the welfare of our baby,” he went on to say. 

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Speaking on his ex relationship with Samidoh, the DJ said that the musician doesnt understand Nyamu and that why the two are in fights all the time. 

“I think the main reason she is having problems with her relationship is mostly that the guy does not understand her yet.”

DJ Saint Profile, Career, Relationship With Karen Nyamu And Advice To Samidoh
DJ Saint And His Daughter Image/Courtesy

He went on to say he met Samidoh for the first time during his daughter’s birthday. 

“Ilikuwa Birthday ya Mtoi wangu… 

I told her (Nyamu) that call your boyfriend to this party I want to meet him, juu I need to know who is hanging out with my daughter… unajua it’s a cruel world I need to know which kind of Man is haning out with my daughter. He came to the party…nikamuita hapo nje nikamshow unadate mother wa Mtoi wangu na hiyo ni yenu but as long as you don’t interfere with my daughter we will be good. And if you are mean to her tutakosana”