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Dogo Aslay Net Worth, Charges Per Show, YouTube Earnings And Property

Dogo Aslay net worth 2019: Isihaka Nassoro popularly known as Dogo Aslay is a celebrated Tanzanian artist whose net worth is estimated at US$150,000. He shot to the limelight in 2011 when he released Nakusemea under the tutelage of Mkubwa Fella, a Tanzania music promoter who discovered and nurtured the young talent. His lyrical prowess was cemented when he collaborated with Temba to give his fans Niwe Nawe followed by a series of other hits. The teen sensation was to later join Yamoto Band; composed of Beka Flavour, Maromboso na Enock Bella.

The quartet of Yamoto Band was on a roll with back to back hits. Some of the memorable songs from the band include Nitajuta), Cheza Kwa Madoido, Mama, Nisambazie Raha na nyingine nyingi.

The band disintegrated in 2017 after four successful years. Aslay went solo under the management of Chambuso. The artist has proved to be a heavyweight after releasing Angekuona, Usiitie Doa akiwa na Khadija Kopa, Muhudumu, Baby, Likizo,Pusha Natamba na Huna. All is songs have hit the one million mark.

In a 2011 interview with Word Is, the artist then aged 18 years shared how he had invested his money. Fresh from being nominated for a Kora Award, the Nakusemea hit revealed that he had build a house for his mother and another for rental. He drives a BMW whose value is placed at US$35,000.

Dogo Aslay Net Worth, Charges Per Show, YouTube Earnings And Property He
Dogo Aslay Multi-Million House-Photo/Courtesy

His mansion speaks of a young man who reeks in millions in earnings every year.

Charges per Show
Dogo Aslay has a near fanatical following in the region and his shows never disappoint. For a show-let’s say in Kenya-the organizers must cough atleast US$10,000 to book him.

YouTube earnings
His songs as a solo act have a total of 78 million by the time of writing this post. The chart below courtesy of Youtubers.me breaks down his earnings from 2017 (the figures excludes those he makes from earlier songs he made as a member of Yamoto band):

Aslay estimated earnings by months

month estimated earnings
January 2019 $ 3.77K
December 2018 $ 3.7K
November 2018 $ 4.84K
October 2018 $ 4.93K
September 2018 $ 4.36K
August 2018 $ 4.2K
July 2018 $ 4.48K
June 2018 $ 3.3K
May 2018 $ 3.57K
April 2018 $ 5.23K
March 2018 $ 4.47K
February 2018 $ 4.95K
January 2018 $ 5.43K
December 2017 $ 4.43K
November 2017 $ 6.7K
October 2017 $ 6.95K
August 2017 $ 2.24K
May 2017 $ 2.65K
April 2017 $ 817

Asley Baba Mama Photo/Courtesy
Bio of artist
Date of birth: 6 May 1995-age 23 years
First born in the family
Has two kids with different women
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