Don Solomon: Series Of Fraud Cases In Kenya, Uganda and Australia Tied To Self-Proclaimed South Sudanese ‘Millionare’

Tony Taban Sulaiman Malish alias Don Solomon is a well-known individual in among other countries Uganda where he was arrested over fraud-related charges.

Despite being locked up in prison, the man claiming to be a businessman managed to secure his freedom and flee the country.

He has also been tried to fraud cases in Kenya, and countries as far as Australia.

On Tuesday, April 12, Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) sleuths in Mombasa launched a manhunt for Don.

He is accused of fraudulently acquiring goods from a local retail supermarket in Mwembe Tayari, Mombasa County.

Here is what WoK has managed to gather on the millionaire who goes by five aliases.

Don Solomon, thought to be a South Sudanese national, owns several aliases including Mukisa Okello, Tony Taban, Suleiman Malish, Yee and Big Popa.

In 2021, Don was arrested by authorities in Uganda on allegations of impersonation, accumulative debts, and electronic fraud.

According to Blizz Uganda, he was arraigned in court and sentenced to prison but he somehow managed to secure his release.

In Kenya, Don has been on the police radar and he has brushed shoulders with them in several occasions.

The DCI noted that he has been previously arraigned at the Milimani Law Courts for forgery and being in the country illegally.

In the incident that happened in 2021, police raided his rented apartment over claims of being involved in money laundering and drug trafficking.

However, after ransacking the house, the officers only found a South Sudanese passport but when it was ran on immigration records, they discovered that the visa imposed on it was forged.

As if that’s not enough, during his arraignment, it was discovered that there was a pending warrant of arrest on him.

He had been accused of obtaining services at Sankara Hotel in Westlands and sneaked out of the hotel without paying his bill.

However, his defense team told the court that he had cleared the bill.

Recently, Don was on the DCI radar for acquiring goods worth millions from Kenyan companies and issuing a bad cheque.

In an update on Twitter, DCI said they had launched a manhunt for the fraudster who is accused of fraud cases stretching from Melbourne in Australia, Uganda and Nairobi.

For instance, on March 8, Don is said to have walked to Naivas supermarket Mwembe Tayari branch and obtained 10 55-inch TV sets.

However, he later deposited a bad cheque while paying for the goods totaling about Ksh 599,950.

Around the same time, DCI adds, he walked to Bayfair Hardware at Bombolulu in Mombasa and obtained assorted steel rods worth Ksh 842,000.

Similarly, Don deposited a bad cheque.

In a separate incident, he is also accused of failing to pay a bill of Ksh 1.045 million for services offered at a hotel along Chiromo Road after spending days.

Elsewhere in Uganda, he is believed to have previously gifted a TV host who was his lover a car that was later discovered to have been stolen from DR Congo.

A look at his Instagram page with over 130,000 followers shows him flaunting pricey Richard Mille watches, Gucci pants and limited edition sneakers.

He describes himself as a forex trader and investor.