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Doris Kanario: Meet Actor Ryan Mwenda ‘Simba’ Mother Who is An MCA

By Staff Writer

Ryan Mwenda, popularly known as Simba, is arguably one of the most popular young actors in Kenya right now. The 13 year old has performed before former President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta and appeared on multiple advertisement campaigns before he landed his biggest role yet on the Kenyan soap opera Zora. What most people don’t know is the pivotal role his mother Doris Kanario has played in ensuring his son gets gigs and remains grounded in the midst of fame. 

Here is her profile as told by WoK

Marriage and Children

Doris Kanario was married for eight years but unfortunately she had to walk out of the relationship after her partner became abusive.

The mother of two boys said the decision to end her marriage was for the sake of her children. It has been nine years since they separated and she has full custody of the boys. 

“I was married for about eight years before the marriage became abusive and I had to leave for the sake of my kids…….” She told Parents Magazine Harriet Ogayo

She added:

It was tough but we’ve managed. I always say that a divorced daughter is better than a dead daughter. Toxic relationships don’t work, don’t force them to…

Managing her famous son

She has done a pretty good job when it comes to managing the career of her son. Taking the role of a mother and manager to her famous son doesn’t seem to bother. She played a big role in her son being casted in Zora as Simba.

Speaking to the same publication, Mwenda stated that her mother called her back in 2020 and asked him to “record myself doing some cheeky things, which is the part of Simba’s character and send the video to her”. 

He later on got an official call informing him to go for auditions. 

Asked why she opted to manager her son, she said:

“….I know that I have his best interests at heart and I understand him better. It was easier for me to manage his schedule than to delegate so I make sure he is where he is needed on time and negotiate deals and sign his contracts on his behalf….,” she told Parents. 


She worked in the hotel industry before joining politics. Doris Kanario is a nominated MCA in the Nairobi County Assembly.