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Dr. Kibor Lelei: Medic Behind St. Lukes Orthopedic & Trauma Hospital

“I yearned to become a doctor, a vision my parents had in me. I was therefore disciplined and determined to be a doctor, and that still drives me to date. This job requires passion. You will always succeed in things you are passionate about if you are dedicated“- Dr. Kibor Lelei (quoted by Standard Media)

Situated next to Eldoret’s Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, St. Lukes Orthopedic and Trauma Hospital is regarded as one of the best speciality facility not only in Uasin Gishu County but the entire Western Kenya.

The hospital was founded in 2005 as an orthopedic clinic by renowned orthopedic consultant Dr. Lectary Kibor Lelei. During its maiden years, it served as an orthopedic supplies facility.

St. Lukes Orthopedic and Trauma Hospital in Eldoret. [Photo|Courtesy]
It took patience and sheer hard work for the facility to grow to an ultramodern hospital as it began offering inpatient services in 2012. Despite the hospital’s name depicting its speciality to orthopedics, it currently offers healthcare services in other disciplines. This includes pediatrics wing with an equipped newborn unit, neurology, general surgery and maternity.

In a past interview by KTN News, the founder recounted how he grew up in a humble background to pursue his passion of becoming a surgeon. This is his story as told by whownskenya.com

Lost 3 elder siblings at birth 

Dr. Lelei grew up in Nakuru County before their family relocated to Tanzania. The birth of Lelei was an emotionally  joyous moment for the family given the fact that his 3 elder siblings had succumbed at birth.

The parents named him Lectary (meaning a doctor). His other name, Kibor means one who is fortunate.

According to Dr. Lelei, it was his parents’ dream that he would grow up to become what he is today. He was inspired by his father’s unflinching nature.

He was a very determined person. He never went to school but decided to buy the books and read by himself. By the time he died, he could speak some English and could write,” recalls Lelei.

Lelei says he did the best for his parents and would sometimes wake up as early as 2 a.m to study. He eventually graduated with a medical degree in 1986.

Medical Career 

According to Lelei, pursuing medicine requires discipline but most importantly one has to be passionate about it.

It is not the discipline that you can do just for finances or just because you feel you want to be a doctor because it is a tiring and demanding kind of profession,” he opines.

During his early days as a medical officer, he was posted at Iten District Hospital (now Iten County Referral Hospital). At one point, he was presented with a neonate suffering a life threatening disease that presented with narrowed intestines. The baby required urgent surgery and was referred to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret. However, the mother reported back to Iten, saying she was forced to wait on the queue as she pleaded with Dr. Lelei to conduct the surgery.

I was forced to read surgery notes on the operation which I successfully conducted with a team of medics at the facility. This was my first operation,” he told the Standard.

The now grown up neonate works as a chief accountant at St. Lukes Orthopedic and Trauma Hospital.

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Dr. Kibor Lelei says his medical practice is inspired by the need to put a smile on patients’ faces after their recovery. He also tells of a story where his facility conducted an operation for a patient who had not walked for 13 years.

I remember a patient who came here with rheumatoid arthritis. Both her knee joints were completely deformed and she had not walked for 13 years. We did a total knee replacement of both knees and after that surgery she was able to walk again,” said Lelei in a recent interview.

Giving Back to The Community 

Due to the expensive nature of orthopedic treatments and surgeries, St. Lukes Hospital decided to come up with the Bone and Joint Foundation. The foundation raises money that goes into treatment of people who cannot afford treatment.