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Elijah Kaseuseu: The West Pokot MCA Who Scored D+, Says He Will Walk  Slowly Until He Attains Degree

  • West Pokot MCA Elijah Kaseuseu scored D+ in the 2013 KCSE 
  • He shared this achievement on Facebook saying he will hopefully attain a degree

Politicians who sat for their national exams after assuming office have not performed as well as you would expect of such leaders. 

West Pokot MCA Elijah Kaseuseu scored a D+ in the 2013 KCSE and he is seemingly elated with his performance if his post on Facebook is anything to go by. 

Taking to the social media platform, the MCA stated that he was proud of his achievement and he would take baby steps until he graduates with a degree. 

“I am very proud of myself. This journey I will walk slowly until I own a degree. No matter what! Congratulations to me,” Mr Kaseuseu shared. 

Before he assumed his current position, Mr Kaseuseu was nominated to the West Pokot Assembly under the Kenya African National (KANU) party. 

How candidates performed in the 2023 KCSE exams 

A total of 899, 453 candidates sat for their 2023 KCSE examination. Out of this 1,216 scored As-825 males and 391 females

7,254 candidates managed to A- (2,782 females as compared to 4,472 males)

18,078 students got B+ (10,370 males and 7,708 females)

36, 728 candidates got a B plain

59,514 candidates scored B-

78,343 others got C+

92, 612 students have C plain

107,471 candidates scored C-

125, 006 candidates also managed a D+, 

155, 276 scored a D plain

165, 861 got a D minus

28, 174 students scored an E in 2023  (19,960 females scored grade E while 28,214 were males)

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