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Eric Mbandu: Nakuru Top Hotelier Who Ditched Law For Hospitality

Eric Mbandu works as a general manager at The Waffles Suites Hotel in Nakuru County.

Interestingly, the manager was studying law but he dropped out of school to pursue a career in the hospitality industry.

Here is Eric’s story as told by WoK.

Ditching law school for hospitality

Eric was initially a law student but he dropped out to pursue a career in the vast hospitality industry.

He joined The Waffles Suites Hotel in Nakuru where he worked as a porter; carrying guests’ luggage and bags.

Thanks to his interactions with guests and his colleagues, Eric was promoted from a porter to a receptionist.

He later grew from a receptionist to a reservations manager, a marketing manager and finally a general manager.

Eric attributed his growth in the hospitality industry to creating good relationships and bonding with new people.


The hotelier noted that he was motivated to pursue a career in the hospitality sector due to his interactions with clients.

He also loves the fact that he can easily bond with clients who, at times, open up to him.

“Some clients call me just to share their experiences in other hotels,” Eric said, adding that he feels that his job is a calling.

On what makes their hotel different from the others, Eric explained that they strive to have a good relationship with clients.

This includes making them feel relaxed and at ease, and offering them the best ambience as they enjoy their meals.

In a bid to remain at the top, he explained that the hotel offers the best services while the staff exhibit the right attitude.

Eric also explained that online reviews are also contributing factors that attract more clients to the hotel.

“Good reviews come from good interactions interactions with customer. Good food, clean rooms and well made beds,” he said.


Eric cited stiff competition in the hospitality industry as the main challenge in his career, and breaking customers’ relationships with other hotels.

“It’s hard to convince a client to hold a conference at your hotel while they have been holding conferences in another hotel for the past 10 years,” he said.

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