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Executive Private Jets Owned By Billionaire Businessman Humphrey Kariuki

Humprey Kariuki, or simply HK, started his career at the Central Bank of Kenya before cutting his teeth in the world of entrepreneurship. 

According to the HK website, the 66 year old founded Janus Continental Group that has spread its tentacles in the petroleum, energy, hospitality and real estate sectors, employing 700 people.

Here are the airplanes he owns as compiled by WoK.

Jets He owns

The billionaire owns Fairmont Mount Kenya club where the hangar of his private jets with foreign registration numbers are located. 

Pilatus PC-12 ZSTDL 

This single-engine turboprop aircraft is mostly used for corporate transportation and regional airliner operators. It is manufactured by Pilatus Aircraft of Stans, Switzerland. It is popular for its outstanding versatility, performance, reliability and operational flexibility.

Bombardier Challenger 350 T7 DNK 

This is a luxurious super midsize private jet with outstanding runway capability. According to netjets.com, its range is ideal for coast to coast private flights. 

The seating arrangement is available in divan layout or a double club seating configuration. 

It also comes with a microwave oven, hot beverage maker and the proprietary tablet-based NetJets On-Demand In-Flight Entertainment System.


This is one of the aircraft he owns registered. 

Business interests

He owns the following businesses

GL Africa Energy-an Independent Power Producer (IPP) with solar and thermal power plants in Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia

Dalbit Petroleum

BSL Infrastructure

Africa Spirits Limited

Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club

The Hub Karen

90 JGO

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