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Factors To Consider When Buying A Helmet 

By Wang’ombe Kibunja

If you take a look at the number of motorcycle related deaths happening in the world because of head related injuries you will conclude that a helmet is crucial in saving lives. Regulations and laws requiring riders and their passengers to always wear a helmet to avoid getting injured or dying due to head injuries, are disregarded especially in third world countries. When people do not follow these simple rules, more and more lives are put at risk. The helmet protects your head when you happen to be in an accident. The helmet itself is made to reduce the impact in the case of an accident reducing injury and the risk of death. The next time you decide to go on your bike without a helmet, think about the risk involved. Buying a helmet should also not be just as casual as buying an avocado in the market, you should consider many factors that will make your helmet more efficient and more lifesaving. Here are some tips to consider when buying a helmet.

Your head size and shape

Buying a helmet that fits perfectly is important. The perfect size will not just keep you comfortable in your long rides but it will keep you safe. We all have different head structures and it is good if you know what yours is. The most common head structures are long oval, intermediate oval, and round oval. Choosing the wrong size and shape for your head will put pressure on the wrong points on your head. When you are not comfortable in a helmet then it is not the right one for you. If you still do not know your size then you can easily use a measuring tape and wrap it around your head and then to the helmet. After that, you should check to see if it sways when you move your head side to side and it should not be easy to come off of when you bend your head.


Everyone is probably worried about the design you will get or how good it will look on you but what people do not worry about is the ventilation. When riding heat builds up in the helmet which will cause you to sweat a lot and leave a bad odor in your helmet. Having a bad smell in your helmet will be uncomfortable which will most likely make you remove your helmet which is not a good decision when riding your motorbike. When the helmet is not properly ventilated it might make you feel suffocated. The helmet should have a chin vent, forehead vents, and exhaust vents.

Chin Strap

A chin strap is important because it fixes your helmet making it tighter that it does not slip. The strap prevents the helmet from slipping off in case of any incident. Always make sure your helmet is strapped snuggly on your head. Make sure the chin strap on the helmet of your choice is also comfortable to have strapped on for hours if you do long rides. 


Having a visor is important when riding your motorcycle. The visor should be clear enough for you to see. It should be one of the most considered factors because it plays a role in giving you a clear vision. In addition to the budget, you should consider anti-fog and anti-scratch visor which will be worth the money you put in them. Many full face and modular lids have built-in sun visors. Sun visors are secondary tinted visors that slide down inside the main clear visor, usually operated by a small lever or slider on top of the helmet or to one side. They can be very useful though they can fog on cold days and it is worth checking that it is anti-scratch too as some older ones are not. Sun visors are becoming an essential item for lots of riders though.

Proper Cushioning

The main aim of having a helmet is to protect your head from any injury during a crash. The inner cushioning plays a huge part in this as it acts as a shock absorber and absorbs the force inflicted on the head. The inner material should not be flat because it will not absorb the force well and hence it will not help in avoiding injury. The material should be of top quality to give you maximum protection to your skull. The top quality materials that you should look for are the fiberglass composite, carbon fiber and polycarbonate, and more. It would be better to inquire about the material the cushion is made from. Remember good quality tends to be expensive but it is worth buying instead of inferior materials. The material should be hypoallergenic too.

As you go out to shop for your next helmet, always remember that a snug fitting helmet is not an option, it’s a requirement for safety. A good helmet also makes riding fun as you are able to ride for longer without being affected by the elements such as rain. Remember a proper helmet will cost you a substantial amount of money and any helmet that shatters on impact when dropped isn’t worth protecting your head.