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Factors To Consider When Buying A Motorbike

By Wang’ombe Kibunja

Different people have different points of view when it comes to buying their motorcycle. One could buy it for purposes of having an escape during the holidays or probably a way of hustling and making money by delivering goods and transporting people to their destinations. Rolling in some sweet wheels with a leather jacket and rocking the bad guy look is something most of us look forward to. More than just letting you cruise around they are eco-friendly and cheaper to maintain. They use less fuel and release lesser emissions in the air. Also, you could consider that a motorcycle is way cheaper than cars and it will get you anywhere and faster even when there is traffic. You might be confused when making the decision on which one is the best but we are here to clear that for you. 

Purpose of your motorcycle

There are different types of bikes all with different purposes. A sports bike is different in that it is light and powerful and has a short wheelbase that will help you win races because it is fast and is modified to race. The sports bike is not the same with one for carrying passengers around or goods because with that you need a wider seat at the back not as light as the sports bike. Before buying your dream motorcycle you need to consider if you want one that will support more than just your weight, or a bike that can go for long rides with short stops for fuel and will be able to carry all your stuff.

Maintenance Costs 

As much as you love imported goods are you sure you can deal with its maintenance if its engine broke down? Most of the imported bikes may come at a cheap price but think of the consequences  if you ever need spares. It means you have to get other imported spares that may not be easy to get and will cost you more than just buying locally assembled bikes. If you buy locally, those maintenance will come in easy and cheap.


Before buying the perfect bike you need to be sure that your bike is ergonomically friendly with your body. It may look all classy but you might end up with a sore back or fatigued when going for longer rides. Avoid bikes that will force you to make stops to stretch your body because you are too tired from riding. Remember that when making your decisions you need to see if your arms are long enough to reach the handlers or you have to strain to fit well. Are your knees bending too much or does your weight lie on your wrist too much? Remember comfort should come first and not just how cool you will look. With comfort, you will find happiness.


Style may matter to you more or less considering what purpose the bike is for. If you want a bike for manoeuvring around, carrying goods and people then the style will not matter that much as long as it suits your preferences. However, if you are looking for something classy that will show off your status and will get you to your holidays then style matters. Since everyone has their style what you have to do is pick a bike that suits your taste.

Do not overestimate your ability

 As much as you are too eager to buy your new bike, you should not buy something that you are not able to handle. It mostly goes to the new riders who are too eager to start riding. When you buy a bike you cannot handle, especially when you are using the bike for transport you might end up not being able to take care of yourself. You should start with something small until you have full confidence in yourself and you can advance.


Stick to your budget and avoid being over-excited when shopping for a bike. Once you have already determined what you want, things will be easier for you because then you do not have to worry about spending too much than you have or worry about taking a huge loan you will not be able to pay. It is important to sit down and calculate the right options.