Felix Kimanthi: Decorated Career Of New Olympia Capital CEO

Felix Kimanthi PHOTO/Courtesy

Olympia Capital Holdings Limited’s (OCHL) board has appointed Felix Kimanthi as the Group managing director and CEO.

Kimanthi will replace Gladys Juma, who resigned in 2021.

Following Juma’s exit, Alex Kimani, the CEO of Olympia Botswana served as the group MD in an acting capacity.

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He served until Kimanthi’s appointment in January.

“The new CEO will be expected to grow the group’s investment portfolio in the region and to align the subsidiaries and the head office towards maximising shareholder’s wealth

“The appointment is meant to establish a corporate strategy at the group level that will guide the group to realise its vision,” the company’s board said.

Felix Kimanthi

Prior to his appointment as the Group managing director and CEO, Kimanthi served as the chief growth officer.

He had assumed the role in October 2021.

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Other than being a certified accountant, Kimanthi also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Moi University.

He also holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Nairobi.

Kimanthi has also been a business sustainability and investments consultant for over a decade.

He previously worked at Heritage Management Ltd as a Group Management Accountant from January 2012 to December 2013.

Kimanthi also worked at Kimlan Management Ltd as Managing Director from January 2014 until he joined Olympia.

Olympia Capital Holdings

Olympia Capital Holdings Limited, formerly Dunlop Kenya Limited (DKL) was established as a branch office of Dunlop UK in Kenya in 1968.

In 1970, the company was formally registered in Kenya and got listed at the Nairobi Stock Exchange in 1976.

In 2001, Olympia purchased Olympia Capital Corporation in Botswana, through the newly acquired entity.

The group was able to acquire 100% shareholding of Kalahari Floor Tiles (KFT), the largest Tile manufacturer in Southern Africa.

Olympia oversees operations of its subsidiaries including Avon Rubber Company, Mather and Platt Limited and Olympia Capital Corporation Limited.

In Kenya, its subsidiaries are Mather+Platt (K) Ltd, the leading fire systems and water pumps provider in East Africa and Avon Centre, which is the company’s the real estate division.

The company also has a major stake in Heri Limited, which has an array of real estate properties in Kenya.

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